Can You Believe What This Bride Designed?

Can You Believe What This Bride Designed?

Bride Ruth looks so beautiful in this wedding dress - we're almost a little jealous!

Coming from a family of six daughters, Ruth Parsons has certainly experienced more than her fair share of wedding days! The very best day of all, however, came for her recently when she sashayed gracefully down the aisle wearing a bespoke, handmade gown created using our wedding dress material. We asked Ruth to share her story with us…

Ruth and her five sisters were lucky enough to have a multi-talented mother who, a doctor by trade, is also an accomplished seamstress. After walking down the aisle in the dress she made herself, Ruth’s mother passed her remarkable skills on to her children, teaching them to sew and instilling a love of the craft from an early age.

Most of Ruth’s sisters are already married and three of them wore dresses made by Mum on their big days. The fabric for these gorgeous gowns used to be sourced at fabric merchants or department stores - Ruth soon discovered that these outlets were woefully understocked, if they even still existed at all.

The range of choice, realistic pricing, reliable customer service and clear online visual display of our product range provided the solution in the form of a stiff silk dupion lace in Ivory - this is the tone that most suits Ruth’s pretty complexion. She allowed her sense of adventure and individuality full rein and went for an unusual design, both heavy and delicate at the same time.

Ruth used the edging of her lace around the sleeves and hem of her dress, adding the perfect complementary finishing touch. She also purchased netting for underneath the dress, a non-static lining and a quantity of veiling material, completing her order with softly-sparkling Verity lace trim to embellish the dreamy dress.

As the theme of her wedding was English Country Style, Ruth was glad to be able to order from a British, UK-based company for complete authenticity. Ruth tells us she ‘got exactly what she wanted’ and would recommend our services to everyone - thanks Ruth! We think you looked absolutely stunning and are sure the photographer, from, will certainly be using your lovely snaps to promote their work!

And now - over to you! If you have created a garment using our material then share your story with us today. Or, if your journey is just beginning, then visit our selection of brand new fabrics and appliques.

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