Calling All Grooms — Ready for a European Tour?

Groom Fabric: The European Tour

We spend lots of our time helping brides to get the perfect, fairytale wedding dress of their ultimate dreams – but what about the groom!? We certainly couldn’t leave out the boys and so we have a collection of immaculately-styled groom fabric as part of our comprehensive product portfolio. Whether you want to create a cummerbund, handkerchief, waistcoat, tie or cravat, we have got the perfect material to do it with.. dive in guys!

Darwen, where our modern looms are located, is historically a mill town and we keep the tradition well and truly alive with our classy range of groom fabrics. The waistcoat is a quintessential piece of wedding kit and is a great way for guys to express their personality while still looking smart enough to please the mother-in-law! We have a gorgeous selection of woven brocades manufactured carefully here at our factory - each one has its own distinctive look and is named after a city in Europe to reflect their exciting, cosmopolitan style.

Which city will your dream wedding be in…?!

  • Avignon – a city noted for its striking beauty, Avignon is in the South of France. Our Avignon waistcoat fabric is equally striking and beautiful, the mesmerising pattern formed from a repeating series of small black and silver squares arranged in a perpetual chessboard grid

  • Athens – much of the architecture of Ancient Greece survives and the complex yet deceptively-simple lines are clearly reflected in this geometric design. Refined and tasteful, this is a versatile fabric that is pure class

  • Prague – a city of many contrasting facets, the old blending seamlessly with the new, Prague is both classic and modern simultaneously. This groom fabric similarly blends a pair of designs in a choice of four color options

  • Barcelona – vibrant, exciting and full of passion, this Spanish city is full of exuberant life and so is the waistcoat fabric it lends its name to. dramatic curving lines form the design, which is guaranteed to get you noticed. Just don’t upstage your bride!

This is just the start of our European Tour designed especially for the groom. We hope your appetite for travel has been well and truly whetted because your ticket to another 27 countries is waiting for you.. just visit the ‘Woven Patterns’ section of our Groom Fabrics selection!

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