Bridal Trends: From Student to Superstar

The emerging designers of today will become the next generation of influencers and stylists, setting their own trends. Many students still in the process of learning their craft are already producing unique, innovative pieces of weddingwear: one of these students is Bridal Fabrics customer Emily Deaville.

Emily Deaville Fiesta Black

A student of fashion design about to enter her final year, Emily is the founder of Emily Deaville Costumes and has already accepted and produced commissioned work. Interested to hear the thoughts, opinions and ideas she has about bridal fashion and trends, we got in touch with her recently and here's what she had to say.

"As an emerging designer, finding your own stand-out style can be tricky but taking inspiration from current trends can be helpful. Applying your own uniqueness to your designs helps enhance your brand, and for me I feel that my designs are heavily based upon embellishment and boho styles. I think that the boho style is very much a current trend within the industry and I feel that trouser styles and capes are on the up." 

This superb, stunning hat-with-veil combo was created by Emily and perfectly showcases her excitingly modern yet somehow timelessly classic aesthetic sensibilities. Made using Fiesta black flock tulle purchased from us here at Bridal Fabrics, the breathtaking piece of bespoke weddingwear shows that Emily is a young designer who is talented and accomplished way beyond her years: we look forward with excited anticipation to seeing how her work develops and evolves.

"My experience with Bridal Fabrics has been really good," she said, "..the fabrics that they sell are such amazing quality and the price is reasonable. As a student, they have happily accommodated me as any other customer and have not treated me badly which some other companies have." 

Emily intends to continue purchasing material from us as the final year of her study progresses.  "For my two final projects," she said, "I intend on using Bridal Fabrics as the main supplier for my final outcomes, because I want top quality fabrics to finish my bridal projects with."

Please visit Emily's Facebook page to see more of her work. 

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