Bridal Lace Trim - Our Newest Embellishments

Bridal Lace Trim - Our Newest Embellishments

The fruits of our latest sourcing trip to Paris are now being added to our website.
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The fruits of our latest sourcing trip to Paris are now being added to our website. Available from stock between November and December 2013, the products can now be pre-ordered; here are a selection of our newest and wedding dress embellishments.

Highly embellished with a selection of fine beads and pearls which form dazzling chains of flowers, Omega lace trim is an exciting and vibrant design. Just 8.5cms (3.4”) in width from edge to edge, Omega is a delicate trim that is finished with soft fringes.

Martina lace trim focuses heavily on beautiful embroidery which is made even more attractive with the removal of the backing, allowing the complex design to stand alone in its beauty. Leaves and petals, which have been highlighted with fine cording, form a riotous display which is contained by borders featuring hand-sewn beads. Each border is different; one side creates a foliage effect while the other is shaped like flower buds.

Exclusively available in classic ivory, Polly bridal lace trim is an elegant and understated design. Fringed on each edge, the floral bouquets within the lace are highlighted with exquisite ivory cord before being further embellished with subtle colourless beads and sequins.

We are incredibly excited to present Jade, an individualistic trim that combines vintage lace design with a contemporary aesthetic. With a fine, lightweight edging, the trim is a generous 6” in width and features an array of expertly-placed sequins and beads surrounded by a continuous fringe on both sides. An intriguing and esoteric mixture of weaves has been employed to create the base pattern of Jade bridal lace trim, which is predicted to become a hot trend as soon as it is made available.

Please enjoy browsing our newest selection of bridal lace trims and check back soon for more news on the gorgeous fabrics currently being added to our extensive collection. To make sure you never miss updates from Platinum Bridal Fabrics, please subscribe to our regular newsletter.

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