Bridal Lace: The Perfect Choice for Wedding Gowns

Bridal lace can be used in several ways to accentuate the beauty of a wedding gown. From simple embroidery in the hem to lace appliqué.

Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect and a central part of this is her dress. She wants to look her best, mesmorising her groom, and leaving the guests speechless. This just doesn’t only happen in movies - today with so much choice, you can make your own wedding dreams come true. One of the main things any bride will give special attention to is her wedding dress. While selecting her gown, she can focus her design around a particular bridal lace. Bridal lace is considered the perfect choice to embellish a wedding gown, making a woman look beautiful in every possible way. A simple gown can become eye-catching just with the addition of right type of lace .

Lace accentuates the beauty of the body, as it does not crease and follows the natural contours of the form being supremely flattering.

There are many different ways to experiment with lace. From classic lace appliqué to a more modern look with just a tinge of lace in the hems, nowadays brides are happy to experiment with lace. On one hand, lace can give a fresh daytime look to a gown, while on the other hand, the same wedding material can give a more formal effect. Many brides prefer to use lace as the primary fabric for their gowns while some others like to use a trim to highlight the hem of a dress. Lace can also be used for many other purposes in the wedding. The bride’s veil often incorporates elements of lace while the flower bouquet can be artistically draped in lace to give it a classic look.

There are a variety of different styles of lace. Chantilly lace is possibly the best known French lace. The other popular subdivisions of lace are beaded lace, corded lace, guipure lace and laser lace. Lace appliqués are also widely used for wedding gowns. These are highly decorative motifs that are sewn onto other kinds of fabric.

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