Bridal Lace - Introducing My Little Wedding Shop

Bridal Lace - Introducing My Little Wedding Shop

Bridal Fabrics is happy to introduce My Little Wedding Shop - an exciting independent bridal wear designer boutique.
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My Little Wedding Shop is an exciting independent boutique owned and operated by talented bridal wear designer Jennifer Bone. As well as offering a full bespoke wedding gown design service, Jennifer also creates her own in-house couture label ‘Jane & Edward’, which continues to increase in popularity.

Jennifer is a regular customer of Platinum Bridal Fabrics and has been since she discovered our comprehensive website back in 2011. Finding the quality of our bridal lace to be ‘just superb’ and being unable to find ‘anything that compares with the style and feel of Platinum Bridal Fabrics’s laces’, Jennifer shares ours and other companies’ sample folders with her brides-to-be and finds that, ‘95% of the time, they choose Platinum Bridal Fabrics’s lace’.

Many of the exclusive designs in Jennifer’s ‘Jane & Edward’ collection have been directly inspired by the wedding lace we have supplied to her popular dress design company. The very first dresses in the collection, created in 2012, were the result of Jennifer visiting us at Platinum Bridal Fabrics, where our expert team were ‘wonderful and inspiring’ when guiding her through our collection of wedding fabrics.

My Little Wedding Shop is currently showcasing its 2014/15 collection. Several of the wedding gowns are already attracting serious attention, with two of them being seen on the National Wedding Show catwalk and another featuring in Vogue magazine.

Jennifer sent us a photo of one of her recent creations, that she has kindly allowed us to share with you here, which uses Jessica lace to extremely attractive effect.

This lace begins with the finest of tulle grounds, which is corded and beaded with a triptych of floral motifs surrounded by ethereal foliage. Scalloped edges, identical to one another, are decorated with classy beads that shimmer as they catch the light, further enhancing the glimpses of gold filigree thread within. Jessica is available in a full palette of colours and also has lace appliqué and lace trim available to match.

We would like to thank Jennifer for her lovely email and we invite you to view more of her work at

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