Bridal Lace for Cakes and Dresses

Many brides are choosing to match the bridal lace featured on their wedding gown to the bridal lace they use on their wedding cake. This is a new and upcoming trend and although it sounds crazy it just shows how perfect everything has to be on this special day.

So far we have seen the actual bridal lace material used on the cake but also we have seen the icing created in such a way which it looks like intricate guipure lace, ribbon lace or corded lace.  Now skilled cake makers can create every little detail of the bridal lace and so you might be mistaken for believing the icing is actually fabric!

This icing can then be embellished with crystals in order to imitate the crystal embellishments frequently used as part of the brides wedding dress bustier. The use of bridal lace on both the wedding dress and cake further highlights how important it is for your wedding day to be perfectly coordinated.

Fabric inspired wedding cakes are the new trend for any wedding but it is lace cakes which are having a moment. We are thrilled they are pretty cakes which are romantic, elegant and add a touch of charm and coordination to your wedding day.

You can choose to either have a full bridal lace covering or for the more minimalistic approach you may just choose to have a lace trim around your cake. Some people even just simply place lace applique over a layer of their cake in a random, spaced out arrangement.

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