Bridal Fabrics Install Solar Panel Array

Bridal Fabrics Install Solar Panel Array

Despite the recent rain, Bridal Fabrics have been extremely busy installing a 30kW solar panel array onto our factory roof.
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Although the weather conditions have been horrendous over the last few weeks with gale force winds and rain Bridal Fabrics have been extremely busy installing a 30kW solar panel array onto our factory roof. There were some rather unpleasant moments as the managing director Duncan Weisters had to climb up a ladder in the wind and rain to see how work was progressing but all in all we are hoping that this is a step towards going green!

Something which is extremely important to us we wanted to show our full commitment to the environment and try to reduce our carbon footprint. The solar panels which we had implemented on our factory roof allow us to generate electricity by harnessing the energy from the sun.

Currently there is a massive strain placed on the use of fossil fuels; a massive 75% of the electricity within the world is generated via the use of fossil fuels. With this in mind it is important to note that unfortunately at some point fuels like coal, oil and natural gas are actually going to run out.

In addition to the fact that they may run out they also release harmful carbon emissions which are dangerous and destroy the earth’s atmosphere. The solar panels which we have had implemented on our factory roof do not release such harmful chemicals and are unlikely to run out as it is the sun’s energy which is being used.

They work by actually having a positive and a negative layer, one side has a number of electrons whilst the other has a shortage and it is this imbalance which creates the electrical field within the cell and allows the electrons to pass from the negative layer to the positive layer.  A catalyst is provided by the sun’s energy. It is this movement of electrons which provides the electricity required to power appliances in our homes and in our case our workplace.

Bridal Fabrics are helping the environment whilst making significant savings on our energy bills. This is an important step for us in going green; we wanted to do our bit for the environment and cut down our carbon footprint.

After climbing up a ladder in gale force winds and rainy conditions to inspect the various stages of the solar panel installation it is safe to say that we much prefer having out feet firmly on the ground. We are not back within our factory dealing with our bridal fabrics, groom fabrics and our interlinings and linings – we will leave the solar panel installation to the experts!

For more information concerning any of our products or our brand new solar panels and how we have gone green please call us on 01254 873333 or email

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