Bridal Fabrics Help to Launch Designer's Career

Bridal Fabrics Help to Launch Designer's Career

A big thank you to Fiona for sharing her story with us and choosing Bridal Fabrics for her very first wedding dress commission.
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Striding boldly onto the bridal couture design scene is Fiona Churchman, who recently sent us a lovely email telling us all about her very first wedding dress commission. Fiona recently launched Fiona Elizabeth Couture and her first extremely successful creation was designed for her best friend.

Rachael, Fiona’s friend, decided right away that she wanted a unique dress that threw caution to the wind and rejected the traditional. After lots of research, Rachael decided that a tea-length dress in a 1950s style was what she wanted, accented with wedding dress lace embellishments in deep scarlet.

With the design starting to become a vision, Fiona discovered Bridal Fabrics and found that the website was ‘clear and easy to use’ with a ‘huge variety’ of wedding dress material ‘at very reasonable prices’. Fiona ordered samples which were rapidly delivered, and together with Rachael they decided on the fabrics they would use to create the one-of-a-kind wedding gown.

Ivory Stardust organza fabric and Champagne-coloured Majestic duchess satin were overlaid with Francesca ivory wedding lace and Carnival tulle, a truly arresting combination of fabrics. Wedding dress embellishments, including a waist sash and large bow on the back of the gown, were also created from Majestic duchess satin while more Carnival tulle was used to create a delicate and feminine petticoat. Rachael walked proudly to meet her fiancé, whose breath was taken away by her beauty in this most stunning of garments.

Fiona finished her email by thanking us for our expert assistance and said, “I would highly recommend Bridal Fabrics to all dressmakers.. their fabric range is beautiful and very easy to work with”.

A big thank you to Fiona for sharing her story! Please visit her page at The photos of the dress are shared here with the kind permission of the photographer Lucy Shergold, more of whose work can be seen at

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