Bridal Fabrics Expand Into Poland

Platinum Bridal Fabrics is excited and proud to announce the opening of its first overseas sales office in Poland. Many beautiful wedding dresses and gowns are now being tailored in Eastern Europe and we look forward to working with clients throughout Poland, Lithuania. Russia, Austria and Ukraine.

 We are always looking for ways in which we can expand our business to offer customers better services in regards to their bride fabrics and groom fabrics.

Mr Piotr-Peter Potkanski will be running this office on our behalf and will act as Bridal Fabrics Executive Sales Manager for Eastern Europe. The office address is as follows:


TEL: +48 41 313 60 85 MOBILE: +48 (0) 602 808 754


Peter brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning bridal fabrics, dress fabrics and bridal lace. He first began his career as a fashion designer in Poland and took on studies in Master Tailoring and Fashion at Krakow University. When he graduated he undertook a number of internships which have help carve out the successful career that he has enjoyed to date.

In one of his internships, he worked under Armani in Milan, combining creativity and real world experience . Having dressed a number of celebrities for various appointments and events including royal events it is fair to say he has considerable expertise and knows the industry exceptionally well.

Due to Peter travelling around to pursue his career he has also gained a number of strong connections in Ukraine, Austria, Russia and Lithuania and these are going to be the areas in which he will cover on behalf of Bridal Fabrics. He will be responsible for visiting customers and selling our fantastic product range to them.

For more information then please contact us on +44 (0)1254 873333 or email or why not try out our Polish number and contact and speak to Peter. TEL: +48 41 313 60 85 MOBILE: +48 (0) 602 808 754