Bridal Fabrics at the London Textile Fair

Bridal Fabrics at the London Textile Fair

Our team are gearing up to showcase our bridal fabrics at London Textile Week...
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London, along with Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin and New York, is one of the most important fashion centres on the planet. That's why there is global excitement for the upcoming London Textile Fair, at which delegates from Bridal Fabrics will be showcasing the very best of our ever-growing collection of wedding dress material. This includes sumptuous silk & polyester fabrics, little & large appliques and crystal motifs... Oh and the UK's largest collection of exquisite lace!

The first London Textile Fair took place at a small Marylebone club in 2007. Established by John Kelley, the event featured just 25 exhibitors but was an instant hit; the style and concept of the London Textile Fair has remained unchanged to this day and now attracts well over 450 exhibitors from all over the world.

The large number of exhibitors and visitors to the annual event has made the London Textile Fair the premier platform for designers, manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of fabrics and accessories. As one of the top industry events in the UK, with ever growing international appeal, the trade fair is an unmatched opportunity for us to showcase our products to the most influential buyers and decision-makers.

At the London Textile Fair, the materials and accessories are allowed to speak for themselves. Each exhibitor is allowed only a single, unadorned stand, which ensures that everyone is equally promoted and that the fabrics on show are the main attraction. As we here at Bridal Fabrics have such a wide and varied collection of quality fabrics, this is the perfect setting to really show what quality means.


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