Brand New Wedding Dress Material – Hot off the Loom!

Our dedicated ‘New Products’ section is currently overflowing with a gorgeous selection of lace, crystal embroidery, lace and crystal trim, lace appliqués and other wedding dress material. Many of these products are particularly dramatic in one way or another, in line with the current trend for the big, bold, beautiful and sometimes bizarre!

Portal Dark Crystal Embroidery

A large, arresting and deeply-beautiful dress embellishment, Portal Dark is a deep, rich and entrancing grey-brown colour and comprises twin flowers surrounded by swirling foliage. The pretty motif is formed using wire, beads and sequins and this stunning mélange of textures gives the crystal embroidery the most wonderful three-dimensional quality. To complete Portal Dark, our talented designer has added diamantés to the flowers’ centres and at other carefully-chosen locations.

Amy Black Lace

The name Amy is perfect for almost any wedding lace as it ultimately derives from the Latin word Amare, which means ‘to love’. The lucky lace chosen to receive this name is simply incredible and, as such, is available from stock from our ‘Coloured Lace’ section in a choice of more than 25 colour options to allow it the broadest appeal. Our newest colour option is Black, perfect for creating exuberant, unique and dramatic garments. Amy Black Lace is a fantastic example of classic Chantilly Lace and the design features an eye-catching array of closely-set flower motifs on a fairly open tulle; the edges of these flowers have been skilfully-corded, making them stand out and adding an interesting, tactile texture that is complemented by the feminine fringe and symmetrical scallops.

New York Crystal Dress Trim

Supplied as a full 13m piece, a 6.5m half piece or to a customer-specified cut length, New York Crystal Dress Trim still manages to be flamboyant despite its extremely narrow width of an average ¾ of a centimetre. Onto this slim space, crowds of beads, sequins and diamantés jostle for attention yet maintain a glamorous harmony that makes this crystal dress trim truly unique. New York dress trim has a rich, deep ivory colour and is highlighted with milky pearls as a final flourish.

Please enjoy checking out the 40 wedding dress fabrics currently featuring in our ‘New Products’ section and do not hesitate to contact our experienced bridal team on 01254 873333 or email for further information and support.

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