Brand New Products - Serena and Suzanne

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the widest, most diverse range of wedding dress material to our customers, Platinum Bridal Fabrics continue to add new products to our already-extensive range. The two most recent additions to our collection are Serena, a gorgeous ivory wedding lace and Suzanne, a very special ivory lace trim.

Serena ivory lace is composed of a dense and complex floral pattern that commands attention. A soft, guipure lace, it is a generous 52" wide and has been created using many different types of yarn, the most attractive of which is the delicately-subtle silver thread that provides occasional dazzling reflections. This use of multiple yarns means that Serena exhibits a great deal of texture and relief, further adding to the fabric's unique and special qualities. Matching scalloped edges complete Serena which, like our entire range of bridal lace, can be supplied as a full roll, part roll or cut to a bespoke length.

Announcing itself boldly with a curving, sweeping floral design, Suzanne ivory lace trim creates an instant sensation. The trim has a unique dual quality, representing a fine, elegant vintage lace style but with an exciting and modern twist; one edge of the fabric features a dramatically-varying width that is a stunning 9.5" at its widest point, giving an opulent and flamboyant feel. The other edge of Suzanne is traditionally-scalloped and the intricate detail throughout the gorgeous floral pattern is achieved using a variety of expertly-designed corded elements.

Detailed, high-definition images, which can be magnified, of both Serena and Suzanne are available in order to allow our customers to closely examine the beautiful designs.

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