Brand New Premium Wedding Lace - Part Two

Brand New Premium Wedding Lace - Part Two

Three new embellished Chantilly laces have now been added to our collection of wedding dress material and each is bursting with style, charm and beauty.

We were originally going to write a ‘Top Three’ article but we just couldn’t pick our favourite so please enjoy checking out this tempting trio and see which one you love the most - believe us, it is quite a challenge!

Our three new laces have all been created using our finest Chantilly lace designs as a base - this elegant foundation has then been hand-embellished in India. Each newly-created fabric retains its original classic Chantilly style but is now a glittering, glimmering material designed to catch eyes and turn heads. Pure luxury, these fabrics are for an extra-special bride who deserves nothing less, and indeed deserves more, than perfect.

Philamena Ivory Lace

This decadent wedding fabric is based on Eleanor Chantilly lace, a firm favourite with fans of the vintage lace style. Individual floral motifs are packed along abstruse diagonals, shimmering with light caught by the carefully-placed sequins and pearls. Complex beadwork has also been used to highlight the motifs and borders of this glamorous design, producing an effect that excites the senses and enchants every breathless viewer.

Evangeline Ivory Lace

Extravagant and spectacular, Evangeline is the enfant terrible of Francesca, another Chantilly lace that has enjoyed massive popularity with Platinum Bridal Fabrics customers. A three-dimensional floral design has been hand-embellished intricately all over, using sequins and beads to create a wildly-attractive effect. Matching fringed edges frame this design, which is set to be a game-changer in the world of bridal couture.

Meryl Ivory Lace

Francesca Chantilly lace has also been used as the base for Meryl, showing just how much of a transformation our skilful designer can achieve when expertly using wedding dress embellishments. This time, the designer has selected a mostly colourless array of beads and sequins which catch light in such a way as to make the fabric appear to be almost metallic. As with our other two new hand-embroidered Chantilly laces, many hours of painstaking work has gone into creating Meryl lace.

Please let us know which new wedding lace you like best - find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media or drop us an email!

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