Brand New Motifs and Lace Trims

Our collection of wedding dress embellishments continues to grow with the addition of three crystal motifs and one lace trim, all of which are now available to purchase from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. Each wedding dress material is, as with our entire range, chosen for its exquisite tactile and aesthetic qualities, meaning you can choose with confidence in the knowledge that our bridal team have had many years of continually-evolving experience.

Arkansas Crystal Embroidery

Perfectly symmetrical, the Arkansas crystal motif is ideal for wedding gowns and prom dresses. A shower of beads and diamantes ensures that gorgeous sparkly look and its classic shape, an elongated oblate oval, is designed to be both glamorous and formal at the same time.

Minnesota Crystal Motifs

Made to the same shape and dimensions as Arkansas, these crystal embellishments are taken a step further with the addition of pearls to the diamantes and beads. The gorgeous milky stones have been securely embroidered by hand to the motif to form and enchanting ring, the oblique edges of which are reflected at either end. Minnesota is truly a motif that demands attention.

Montana Crystal Embellishments

Aptly named after the Treasure State, Montana crystal motifs are something to be desired and admired. A large central area, delightfully glittering with crystals, supports the piece, which tapers gradually downward from each side to form an arrestingly-unique figure. The extended length and minimal width of this motif make it incredibly versatile, allowing it to be used creatively in any number of ways to enhance the beauty of the bridal gown.

Ohio Lace Trim

The very essence of elegance and femininity, Ohio ivory lace trim has a dramatic scallop that ranges from 2.8” to a generous 6.5” in depth. To create this trim, our designer has taken a fine ivory tulle and skillfully embroidered it with gold filigree thread and transparent sequins, giving a softly-shimmering look with a subtle beauty all of its own. The edging, with its fine Champagne colouration, is perfect for brides looking to recreate the popular vintage lace style.

Please enjoy examining the fine detail of these brand new wedding fabrics using our HD, zoomable images. For more details, call the Platinum Bridal Fabrics team on 01254 873333 or email