Brand New Lace Trim - Chosen for You by Experts

Brand New Lace Trim - Chosen for You by Experts

The newest crystal trims, motifs and lace appliqués being welcomed to our collection of wedding dress material.
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It is new fabric time and everyone at Platinum Bridal Fabrics is enjoying checking out the many parcels that are arriving from far and wide at our office. This week has been devoted to examining the newest crystal trims, motifs and lace appliqués being welcomed to our collection of wedding dress material and we are excited to now share them with you!

Choosing wedding lace is just the start of creating your dream dress - we often find here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics that brides seem to spend the most time checking out our select range of embellishments, mixing and matching as they go. We just love helping our customers find exactly the right embellishments to help create a unique gown (not only because it gives us an excuse to do our favourite thing - look at and talk about lots of different wedding fabrics and ideas on how to use them!).

Of the thousands of wedding dress embellishments and fabrics examined by our team of fabric-sourcing experts on their travels to the fashion centres of the world, we select only the very finest examples to bring to you. This means that just 15 new crystal motifs, trims and lace appliqués have made the grade this time round and are now available to purchase directly from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. The new collection includes:

Crystal Dress Trim - Petite

The beaded part of this pretty dress trim is less than a centimetre across, giving this fabric its evocative name. In this small space, however, is contained a passionate array of pearls and ivory beads which catch and play with light in such an entrancing way as to belie the embellishment’s diminutive size.

White Lace Trim - Phylis

Ultra-feminine and lightweight, this is an ideal late-summer fabric and features a garland of corded floral motifs. These are overlaid onto pale organza and the centre of each flower is prettily-emblazoned with carefully-selected beads.

Ivory Lace Appliqués - Mermaid

We adore the undulating curvature of these sinuous lace appliqués, which are supplied as a symmetrical pair. They attach easily to the bridal dress as they are skillfully embroidered onto a strong yet simple ivory organza base. Elegant, tasteful cording is combined with a selection of rich embroidery threads to provide highlighting, further enhancing the striking nature of these wonderful lace appliqués.

Look out for more news coming soon about our latest wedding dress embellishments or head straight to the product pages now for a sneaky peek - Ritz, Letitia, Empire, Rosalind and Cadenza are among others just waiting to be discovered!


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