Brand New and Beautiful: Euphoria and Stanza

Being in love is a heavenly feeling. And, when you feel this good, you want to make sure that everyone around you know it! Our collection of wedding dress fabrics is growing all the time to give you the widest choice and we are excited to announce that we now have two more, both of which will guarantee you look gorgeous on your big day.

Euphoria Ivory Feathered Lace

Feathered lace is big news and this design uses the evocative embellishment in a unique and breathtaking way. The designer has clearly been inspired by the indulgent and luxuriant themes of the Art Deco era, throwing in a dash of early silver screen Hollywood glamour for good measure.

Rippling circles and fans come together in a symmetrical design, forming a marquise shape that is pure visual excitement. The feathers are added on single strands to create constant movement as currents of air catch them; this constant movement adds a real sense of drama to the fabric. Extravagant, evocative and definitely euphoric!

Stanza Ivory Bridal Lace

This lace is described as ‘pure poetry’ and we are in total agreement. The way in which each element of the design harmonises is akin to rhyming and each section, or stanza, flows precisely and perfectly into the next. There is a complex and intricate yet delicate and feminine edge, as the floral design of small flowers and foliage winds steadily across the soft tulle base.

Sweeping curves truly define Stanza lace and the velvety feel is in perfect harmony with several soft yarns. Embellishment comes in the form of tiny sequins which catch the light playfully, completing what is a truly sophisticated lace design.

To help you appreciate the quality and intricacy, we have created short videos featuring these lace designs, along with many others on our website.