Black Lace: The Gold Standard

Black lace always looks gorgeous
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Did YOU see the Golden Globe Awards show recently? If so, you may be forgiven for thinking that they had changed color, from gold to black! The most talked-about garments of the entire show eclipsed the awards themselves and were worn with panache by two of our favourite celebs: Emma Stone and Penelope Cruz.

Emma Stone, who played Billie Jean King in the movie ‘Battle of the Sexes’, stunned the crowds and paparazzi alike in her Louis Vuitton gown, which was a one-shoulder number created using extremely fine black lace. Penelope Cruz looked equally fantastic in an off-the-shoulder black lace gown, designed by Ralph & Russo. The gown featured a solid train and gave Penelope the most gorgeous silhouette that made everyone jealous!

We love a bit of black lace here at Bridal Fabrics and there are lots of designs to choose from. For brides who think a full black lace gown might be too much for their wedding, we also have several black lace trims for a more subtle look.

Damaris Gold on Black Raschel Lace

Now this really is something to get excited about - Damaris is a black lace with an amazing gold overlay, which gives it a shimmering, captivating effect. A stunning design that really draws you in, Damaris is a choice for brides who love a little luxury. In fact, strike that, this is a choice for brides who love a LOT of luxury! Need even more regal appeal? Try Damaris in gold-on-gold…

Maverick Black Raschel Lace

To really appreciate the true beauty of Maverick, which is a black lace of extremely beautiful appeal, you really have to see it for yourself. Luckily, you can do that right now from the comfort of your chair, by checking out our video!

Jett Black Lace Trim

You will be jetting off to a fairytale land of exquisite beauty when you choose this black lace trim. A scalloped edge and a straight edge combine to form an extremely exciting and eyecatching design.

Ember Black Lace Trim

A riotous design that knows know bounds when it comes to frivolity, Ember has a unique and unusual beauty. This makes it extremely versatile and once you start using it, you won’t want to stop!

We know you are going to enjoy browsing these fabrics; the only question is which will be your favourite…?

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