Black Lace on the Blue Carpet

Lace is almost always associated with bridalwear but it can be used for many other garments too, from theatrical costumes to prom dresses and more. It is also perfect for more intimate garments that are usually only seen in the bedroom! Lace is ideal for creating gorgeous, classy corsets and we recently saw an example of this that took our breath away…

The MTV VMA Awards 2017 was a perfect opportunity for the stars to show off their tastes in fashion and they really made the most of it. A blue carpet replaced the traditional red and the stars enjoyed sashaying down its length, wearing all kinds of garments from the sublime to the ridiculous

One of the stars who was definitely on the sublime side of things was Arielle Vandenberg. Looking totally relaxed, she walked gracefully along the blue carpet to raucous cheering, a difficult feat to achieve when you’re wearing platform heels that tall! She wore a divine trouser suit in bold leopard print that was more Bette Davis than Bet Lynch and underneath this we could see a tantalising hint of black lace corset.

Black lace is always extremely effective; the combination of the dramatic colour with the femininity of lace is striking and works perfectly to create exciting, unique garments. As its popularity has increased, so has the range available from Bridal Fabrics and we are now pleased to offer more than 20 designs. Our favourites include:

Brandy Chantilly Lace

This may look familiar and this is because it is sister to Kate lace. The fabric is dyed jet black and has been enhanced with beads applied by hand to create a truly beautiful and bold design. Asymmetric borders add a further level of excitement; one side is completely straight to contrast with gentle scallops at the other edge.

Amelia Corded Lace

Elegant and refined, Amelia lace features a central motif of three flowers. These are delicately corded which creates a defined outline, giving a vitality to the fabric which is pure class.

Marissa Pearl Lace

Taking a finely woven net as a base, the designer has added pearls at uniform intervals to create a geometric delight. The squares of the lace design are constantly changing shape due to the extremely lightweight drape, creating a unique effect that is stylish, hypnotic and truly beautiful.

Check out our entire range of black lace and get the celebrity look!