Black Friday – or White, or Ivory...

Black Friday – or White, or Ivory...

Claim your 10% discount of any of the bridal fabrics on our website, simply place your order between 12am Thursday 26th November and 12am Friday 27th November
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In just a few days, Black Friday fever will descend on the UK – shoppers hungry for a bargain will be soon queuing up outside stores and preparing to do battle with other customers, sometimes literally! These chaotic scenes will definitely NOT be happening at our premises (we shudder to think of crazed customers dragging our wedding fabrics about!) but that doesn’t mean we won’t be taking part in the annual event… read on to find out more.

Black Friday has quickly become a staple date on the retail calendar and shoppers are spending more every year - in 2014, Black Friday saw the UK spend a whopping £1.75bn and this year’s total is predicted to be even higher still, almost certainly passing the £2bn mark. Some retailers have become concerned about the madness that seems to descend on shoppers on Black Friday and, rather than have all-out brawls in their stores, have either spread their offers out over the course of a week or abandoned the idea altogether.

Of course, the best option is to stay well out of it, getting your Black Friday bargain fix online instead. No long queues, no squabbling over items, no long and busy drive home - what could be better?! Most retailers are extending their Black Friday promotions into the online environment and we are already right there with our own offer - a tasty 10% off absolutely ANY product from our vast collection of bridal lace, dress fabric & tulle, lace embellishments & crystal embellishments!

Our fab 10% discount means that you can perhaps buy more lace than you had planned, to achieve a more elaborate look or simply to make sure you have plenty - you could also choose to step up a price and quality band without changing your budget. Of course, you could always stick to your original plan, take the 10% discount and spend it on a few luxurious extras for Christmas?

Here is a random lucky-dip selection of three items that you could be claiming your 10% discount on this Black Friday:

  • Marigold – first out of the hat is this gorgeous creation and rightly so, as it is one of our most spectacular premium designs. Big floral bouquets highlighted with deep ivory cording steal the show every time, making Marigold an exceptional example of Chantilly lace

  • Andrea – an ivory Raschel lace featuring floral motifs and abstract shapes, this unusual design is made even more individual with an absorbing border made from many types of weave

  • Colorado – these gold lace appliques are elegant and refined yet still have enough glitz and glamour to hold everyone’s attention. Beads, sequins and diamantés mingle seamlessly with Champagne and Gold metallic threads to form one of our most enchanting wedding dress embellishments

To claim your 10% discount of these or any of the other bridal fabrics on our website, simply place your order between 12am Thursday 26th November and 12am Friday 27th November. Enter promo code BLACKFRIDAY at our secure checkout and your discount will be immediately applied – happy browsing!

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