Black Friday Bonanza: 20% off Wedding Dress Material!

Black Friday Bonanza: 20% off Wedding Dress Material!

Save 20% on wedding dress material this Black Friday
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Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events on the calendar and, here at Bridal Fabrics, we are getting involved by offering a cool 20% off our extensive yet eclectic collection of wedding dress material. This represents a perfect opportunity for our many couture clients, who can stock up on those essential wedding fabrics and make substantial savings as they do so.

Here are three of our favourite styles of wedding lace to inspire your Black Friday shopping list...

Ivory Beaded Lace: Esme

Esme beaded lace, exclusively available in classic ivory, is a truly luxurious choice. This premium wedding dress material, which is perfect for creating the most sumptuous bodices, has been beaded lovingly by our designer's talented hands onto a base of regal organza fabric. Bands of beads, pearls and diamantes adorn the material, resulting in one of the most aesthetically-appealing lace fabrics that we have ever seen.

Hand Beaded Lace (Close Up) - Esme

White Beaded Chantilly Lace: Annalisa

One of the four laces used to create Kate Middleton's iconic Royal Wedding gown, Annalisa is a magnificent example of just how beautiful Chantilly lace really can be. Using beads, sequins, pearls and loops of lustrous thread, our expert designer has crafted a lace fabric with a stunningly-textured 3D effect.

White Beaded Lace - Annalisa

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Galileo

Named after the famous 17th century astronomer, Galileo ivory embroidered lace features an embroidered pattern that evokes the abstract beauty of the constellations he was so fascinated by. A brand-new addition to our collection, this elegant Italian lace fabric is made using a sheer ivory tulle base of exquisite delicacy.

Ivory Embroidered Lace - Gallileo

Discover these and hundreds more styles of wedding dress material on our website and look forward to that 20% Black Friday discount!

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