Beaded Opulence!

In this edition of the Bridal Fabrics Blog we're indulging in beautiful beaded lace, the more extravagant and ostentatious the better!  These lace designs epitomise wedding dress luxury and are for the couture client.  Be mesmerised by these lavishly embellished lace fabrics...

A Stunning ornate ivory wedding lace, Cilla has been intricately embellished with a variety of beads and sequins, together with Raschel lace inserts. This beautiful lace is a modern masterpiece and well worth ordering a free sample. 


A magnificently hand beaded, Romy luxurious French lace with matching edges, that measures 91 cm (26") across.  This lace is surely the epitome of bridal glamour and decadence.  A Chantilly lace that has then been superlatively hand beaded to highlight the beautiful floral design.  The Chantilly weave still remains visible and the combination of champagne coloured and ivory coloured beads adds more gravitas and beauty to this stunning lace.  The base is our Chantilly lace design Adelaide. This is a lace best appreciated in the flesh so don't hesitate to order a sample. 


Tabitha is an opulent and magnificently beaded ivory bridal lace which features a heavy border on one side and sporadically placed contemporary styled flowers on the other.  Look at the image of this dramatic lace to appreciate how eye-catching it is on a wedding dress!


Jaxton ivory beaded lace has been crafted by taking an ivory tulle base and then machine embroidering it. The contemporary pattern has been extensively and extravagantly embellished with pearls and beads. Measuring 120cms (47") wide, it is one of most popular beaded designs.


Salvadora lace has matching scalloped edges with an intricate floral design running from the matching borders into the middle of the pattern and then mirroring back. We have hand embroidered a variety of beads and sequins onto an ivory tulle background.  This is a relatively narrow lace at 45 cm (18") wide but makes up for it with its sumptuous beading and beautiful floral design.
Browse our superlative range of beaded lace designs and order samples off each product page.  The first two are free!