An Ivory Wedding Dress for an African Wedding

An Ivory Wedding Dress for an African Wedding

We absolutely love receiving your stories and photographs showing off the beautiful bridal gowns you have created .

We absolutely love receiving your stories and photographs showing off the beautiful bridal gowns and other garments you have created using our superb collection of wedding dress material. The latest email we received came all the way from the USA and was sent by Daniella L. Boston, who married last year and is now offering a lucky bride-to-be the chance to own her fabulous wedding dress.

Daniella’s bridal dress was made by designer Moira Couture, taking inspiration for the classy gown from Rivini and Carlo Pignatelli. A truly stunning creation, the gown was worn exclusively for the wedding ceremony itself and remains in mint condition, as gorgeous as the day the last stitch was completed.

In Daniella’s own words, the finished creation was ‘structured and ethereal’ and she felt ‘very decadent wrapped in all that silk’. The wedding took place in Africa and finding the perfect fabrics before getting them to the designer’s on time was ‘a potential nightmare’ that was thankfully avoided by our skilled customer service team who, as Daniella puts it, were ‘second to none’.

Details of the fabrics used in the creation of Daniella’s superb wedding gown can be found below - please visit the individual product pages to view HD images, material dimensions and our ultra-competitive prices.

Splendour - Ivory Silk Crepe-Backed Satin

Known as the ‘Queen of Fabrics’, this is one of our most luxurious wedding dress materials and is also available in a select choice of other pastel and vibrant colours. Splendour is immensely tactile; its smoothness is unlike anything you have ever felt before and it has a heavy drape that is regal and magnificent.

Superba - Ivory Silk Chiffon

Used to add layers and body to the gown, this exquisite wedding fabric is lightweight, transparent and ephemeral, adding to the gown’s dreamy, ethereal quality. This is an incredibly delicate fabric and so must not be placed in a washing machine - as the fabric can be tricky to work with, this is a choice that should be left in the hands of the professional designer.

Elizabeth - Ivory Lace

Completing Daniella’s custom-made gown is Elizabeth ivory lace, one of our more unusual and striking wedding dress fabrics. A corded border lace with a generously-open tulle ground, Elizabeth features undulating floral garlands which are linked with elegant rows of vertical stitches, leading the eye outwards to identical scalloped edges and a light, feminine fringe enhanced with differently-sized flowers.

We would like to thank Daniella for sharing her story with us. If you would like to see, or even buy, this magnificent dress, check out and prepare to be amazed!

For more information on any of our bride and groom fabrics, please call our team on 01254 873333 or email

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