An Exhibition in Paris

An Exhibition in Paris

Paris is beckoning once again as Duncan Weisters, MD of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, prepares to attend a bridal exhibition.

Paris is beckoning once again as Duncan Weisters, MD of Platinum Bridal Fabrics, prepares to undertake his binannual fabric sourcing mission. Here, in this city of romance and haute couture, he will be selecting the finest examples of classic and contemporary bridal fabric to add to our extensive selection.

France has a long history of lacemaking with several types of lace still being used today. Chantilly lace for example, trace their origin back to the country. This history still echoes in modern-day design; many French designers continue to use lace in their work and the material is seen in some form during almost every fashion season. Paris is not just the national capital of France but it also the world capital of fashion and romance, meaning that some of the most beautiful laces are to be found in the city.

Duncan’s sourcing trip to Paris is scheduled for mid-September. In the weeks leading up to his departure, we are offering our customers the unique chance to help shape the future of bridal fabrics in the UK. If you have seen a particular lace somewhere and wonder if it can be sourced, if you have a special request or idea for laces that could be added our range, we invite you to let us know about it. Our customer service team will pass the information on to Duncan who will bear it in mind during the exciting and prestigious Parisian exhibition.

Platinum Bridal Fabrics are committed to providing the largest, most diverse range of bridal lace and other fabrics in the UK. We continually add new items to our selection and this regular sourcing trip is an integral part of our business practice.

Please check back soon for updates on the results of Duncan’s sourcing trip. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our regular newsletter to make sure you never miss any information from Platinum Bridal Fabrics.

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