Alternative Wedding Venues.

Alternative Wedding Venues.

Let Bridal Fabrics inspire you with boho wedding venue ideas...

Though many wedding-related traditions show no signs of disappearing, the wedding ceremony itself is becoming more and more modern, adapted to suit the unique style of any particular couple. Individual ceremonies are becoming so different from one another and the choices abound to make a wedding as unique as the bride and groom.

Two of the most important choices to make when planning a wedding are the bride's dress and the venue. When its a alternative wedding, the options become infinite but don't worry because Bridal Fabrics is here to help. 


Till Death do us Art
For those with artistic tendencies, an art gallery can provide the ideal alternative wedding venue. Many larger galleries have dedicated event spaces which, in common with the galleries themselves, are often a blank canvas that can be given whatever look and ambience you can imagine. 

Barn to be.
Many weddings tend to incorporate many elements of the outdoor environment and so a barn could be the perfect place for a ceremony. Forget the stereotype image of a glorified shed with a faint aroma of farm animals: there are plenty of updated, upgraded and upcycled barns spanning the country, letting you experience that rustic charm in total comfort.

Love is in the Air
Airbnb has enjoyed massive success since its launch, meaning that there are more locations available for short-term rental than ever before. More private, personal and unique than any hotel, Airbnb venues are available to suit a wide range of aesthetic tastes, practical requirements and budget size. From a cottage in Cambridge to a mansion in Milton Keynes, check Airbnb to potentially discover your dream venue.

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