Affordable Luxury - Exclusive Offers on Bridal Lace

Providing beautiful, high-quality wedding fabric in an extensive selection of styles and price ranges is the Platinum Bridal Fabrics speciality. The 'Exclusive Offers' section of our newly-revamped website always contains a changing array of items designed to offer the most versatility for the best available price. Here we look at some of the stunning bridal fabric that is currently featuring in this section.

Harriet lace has long been a cost-effective choice as it has plain edges. These in no way detract from the geometrical beauty of Harriet wedding lace; heart-shaped motifs form an exquisite diamond with smooth, pure lines that give a vintage appeal. The exclusive fabric is only available in cream which is more yellow that its more traditional ivory cousin, making Harriet an elegantly unusual choice.

Another unusual bridal lace in the 'Exclusive Offers' collection is Barbara, an embellished fabric with a stunning design. A multitude of beads, pearls and sequins form striking vertical lines which link with large diamond motifs, delicate geometric forms in the body and a neatly-enclosing border. This is a luxury choice and will give any wedding gown a uniquely attractive quality.

Nikita, available in white or ivory, is one of our most flamboyant choices. Eye-catching motifs radiate with feathers which are attached with beautiful beads and pearls while filigree thread further enriches their sumptuous qualities. Bouquet-leaves are elegantly shaded with expert embroidery and given a final embellishment using sequins that playfully catch the light. This theme of complex embroidery and beading continues into the matching borders of this dramatic and exciting vintage lace style.

As with all of our bridal lace, these desirable products are available in full or part rolls or cut to bespoke lengths. We deliver a personal service to our customers and our experienced staff are always available to offer ideas, advice and inspiration on how to create the wedding dress of your dreams. Please enjoy browsing our exclusive offers and do not hesitate to contact us.

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