A Triptych of Tantalising Treats!

Discover the most tempting trio...

Perhaps it is just the seemingly-mystical attraction of human beings to the number three (three wishes, three wise men, three chances to guess the goblin’s name), but when anything comes as a group of three then each item seems to have a special connection with each other item. This is true for the latest tantalising trio of wedding lace styles recently added to our collection and available to purchase now from Platinum Bridal Fabrics. That’s if you can choose between these three queen-like laces! There was a time when we wouldn’have to check if you were sitting down while you were online but in this mobile age then you could be anywhere, so we advise that you sit down before you start finding out what these new designs are all about. You may just feel a little woozy with the thrill of the reveal, as you enjoy the dramatic, decadent and delicious delights of…

Ivory corded lace priyaPriya

This is a diaphanous, ephemerous and ultimately marvellous corded lace, rendered in an ivory tone of breaktaking subtlety. Extremely feminine, Priya is a Gallon Leavers lace and has a characteristic style that will flatter any body shape with expert ease. Absolutely divine.


Black raschel lace maverickIf Priya is the demure and radiant queen of our new trio of wedding lace, then Maverick is the wayward prince marching boldly up and down the battlements! We originally supplied Maverick bridal lace exclusively in black but now stock the ivory tone by popular demand. In changing from such a dark colour to such a light colour, Maverick has lost absolutely none of that animate, almost-living quality,


Ivory corded lace dimitraThough Dimitra is a corded ivory lace, created using an identical method as was used to create Priya lace, this only goes to show just how versatile a method it really is, as the two fabrics are so different in style yet an underlying, almost familial connection can be discerned. To continue our regal metaphor, Dimitra would be our imaginary queen’s imaginary rival, both vying for your attention.

So, there you have our latest trio of temptations and now the focus moves softly but squarely onto you. Which of the trio is YOUR temptation? Enjoy the discovery and call our bridal team for guidance advice, information, inspiration or with any comments.

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