A Little Mediterranean Heat and Spice..

A Little Mediterranean Heat and Spice..

Fresh and ready to WOW; straight from the catwalk
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Italy has got a pretty good reputation when it comes to the finest pleasures of life. A significant proportion of the world’s best food, drinks, beaches, art, culture and furniture can be found in the country and of course it is home to many haute couture fashion designers who have HQs in major cities like Milan and Rome…

These designers and fashion houses are at the cutting-edge of fashion; the collections they create and display will be influential; across the globe and our lucky sourcing team get front-row seats at the major bridal shows. They bring back with them a choice collection of the very best lace and other fabrics on offer that season and we make them available to our customers the moment they reach us.

That moment has arrived once again and we are delighted to launch three brand-new designs, all of which are now in stock and ready for you to sample and purchase. Allow us to introduce, direct from Italy, Anita, Hadley and Destiny…

Anita Ivory Embroidered Lace

Excellence is woven into the very fabric of this design, which uses a fine, dotted ivory tulle as its base. Onto this are embroidered patterned beads which recur in bands, creating another, larger pattern that is quite unique. Added to this is a touch of gently-glistening filigree that really makes the fabric complete and we see great potential for Anita lace in the hands of particularly creative and visionary dress designers.

Hadley Ivory Embroidered Lace

Fun, flirty and feel-good fabulous, Hadley lace is an irrepressible breath of fresh air to our collection. Embroidered ivory discs create spangle, sparkle and shimmer that demands the centre of attention, just right for the bride who wants all eyes on her!

Destiny Ivory Embroidered Lace

Light, floaty and will a delightfully soft handle, Destiny lace features an abstract floral design that is totally en vogue on the catwalks right now. Petals and flowers are embroidered with extra layers using different stitch techniques, a process that creates such visual excitement that no further embellishment is needed.

Please enjoy browsing through our latest finds from Italy and take your time while you decide which one you find the most beautiful. Call our team if you can’t choose; they will be more than happy to share with you the finer points of each and help you come to a decision!

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