A Breathtaking Work of Art - Zoe Lace

Platinum Bridal Fabrics were delighted to receive some photographs recently of a magnificent and stunning couture bridal dress, created with the extensive use of our exciting Zoe ivory lace. The dress, which was created by Vahan Khachatryan Atelier Haute Couture, features a train and veil of dramatically exaggerated proportions, can only be described as a breathtaking work of art.

Zoe is one of the most unusual lace designs in our collection. The flowers of the design, primroses, cascade in a riotous yet geometric tumble around a larger central flower, creating a visual effect of great beauty and glamour. Surrounding the lace are identical, scalloped-edged borders that exhibit great craftsmanship, as fine, tactile laser fabric has been embellished with raised satin flowers, each with a glistening diamante at its centre. This embossing gives a beautiful and eyecatching three-dimensional effect, which is further enhanced by the expert use of metallic filigree thread and striking tubular beads. Great attention has been given to each detail of this lace at every stage of its creation; the flowers even feature skilfully-embroidered buds and a fringe has been added to produce a subtle, ephemeral effect.

Also available in classic white, Zoe lace remains one of the most innovative and exciting fabrics in our extensive bridal collection. As can be seen from the photographs, the lace can be used to create a truly magical gown that will dazzle the wedding guests, and especially the groom, on the big day.

We love receiving photographs of our customers’ completed creations; although working closely with such beautiful fabrics is always a pleasure, seeing the fabric come together to create the perfect garment for the bride fills our team with pleasure. We invite you to send in your photographs to feature in our growing online gallery.

You can send your photos to us at info@bridalfabrics.co.uk. For more information on our vast range of bride and groom fabrics and our making service, please call us on 01254 873333.