New Laces: Simone, Deborah, Nikita

New Laces: Simone, Deborah, Nikita

We are pleased to add 4 New Laces to our already extensive range: Caitlin, Simone, Deborah, Nikita
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We are pleased to add to our already extensive range of Laces with the following:



We are excited bythe arrival of Simone lace. It is three dimensional, featuring flowers are made out of gathered tulle. The design incorporates diamantes, tubular pearl colour beads, sequins and heavy cording on a medium weight tulle ground. This really is an eyecatching design and will make a unique wedding dress for any bride.

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Deborah Lace was added to our range in July 2012 and is ivory in colour. We are expecting big things for this lace, as it is highly unusual, featuring raised flowers and leaves, which are embellished with sequins and beads. The background comprises of a non regular delicate thread being interwoven into an almost invisible tulle. This wedding lace measures 132cms across at its narrowest point and 137cms at its widest.

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Nikita in Ivory has been such a success story that we have decided to launch this lace in white. Nikita in white will be in stock from early September 2012 and can only be described as eyecatching. Each motif has a series of feathers radiating from the centre, which are attached using pearls and beads. The motif is further decorated with both ivory and colourless beads and filigree thread. The leaves of the bouquet are shaded with embroidery and embellished with sequins.

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