Get 20% Off ALL Bridal Lace Trim and Lace Appliqué Now

Get 20% Off ALL Bridal Lace Trim and Lace Appliqué Now

Simply order between Friday 13th and midnight on Sunday 15th February and use your special promo code
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Marriage Week is finally here and everyone at Platinum Bridal Fabrics is going wedding mad! As we are all wedding mad pretty much every day of the year anyway, you can imagine what a crazy and fun time this is for our staff. We have been celebrating with lots of offers and here is your chance for another this Valentine’s weekend.

Never mind all the superstitions about Friday 13th - it is the day before the most romantic day of the year and we will NOT have you spoiling it! From that very day until midnight on Sunday 15th February, we are going to defy fate and celebrate by offering a tasty twenty percent off our entire collection of bridal lace trims and appliqués. Here are three fabulous fabrics that you could soon be wearing…

Bridal Lace Trim - Sienna

This is an absolutely magical fabric, so ethereal and ephemerous that it feels like to let it out of your sight is to lose it forever. Delicate, diaphanous and bursting with a feminine beauty that is made all the more precious by its near-transparency, Sienna bridal lace trim is a sumptuous delight.

Bridal Lace Appliqué - Illinois

Supplied as a perfectly-symmetrical pair, these exquisite lace appliqués feature heavy embellishment in the form of ivory beads, sequins and pearls. A playful and boisterous swirling design radiates around a central flower to form one of our most exciting wedding dress embellishments.

Bridal Lace Appliqué - Alaska

Elegant, refined and full of charm, Alaska ivory lace appliqué stands alone as an individual piece and comprises two matt satin flowers, one slightly larger than the other and sheltering it protectively. Each flower centres on a glittering diamanté which is surrounded by precious pearls.

To claim your exclusive 20% discount on these and the other hundreds of fabrics that make up our bridal lace trim and appliqué collection, simply order between Friday 13th February and midnight on Sunday 15th February and enter your special promo code - this code can be found in the next Platinum Bridal Fabrics newsletter. Not subscribed to our newsletter yet? Subscribe to our newsletter now.

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