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The Latest Trend for 2018...

Here at Bridal Fabrics, we are always on the lookout for the latest trends. Our expert bridal team have noticed a distinct rise in popularity of those lace designs which feature a three-dimensional effect and here we present three floral designs guaranteed to hit the mark.

ivory-embroidered-lace-alijaIvory Embroidered Lace: Alijah

This exotic design features a stunning display of embroidered flowers on a fine, simple tulle base. Guipure styling on many of the flowers gives that 3D effect which is at once striking and subtle. Each flower features beads or pearls at its centre to add that all-important glittery gorgeousness and the pattern gradually becomes less dense across the generous width of the lace, creating a truly captivating effect.

pink-floral-lace-mackennaBlush Flower Lace: Mackenna

We can’t get enough of that fabulous blush coloration lately and this is one of the prettiest we have yet seen. Sweet pink buds combine with delicate flowers to give an overall effect that is totally eyecatching, placing the bride right at the centre of attention. The flowers are made of satin and chiffon, with several blooms embroidered by hand to create that all-important three-dimensional effect and the glittering embellishments of beads and pearls add that final flourish. Combining applique and embroidery with this embellishment makes for a lace that is beyond beautiful.

photo-to-show-main-border-of-champagne-lace-blakeChampagne Beaded Flower Lace: Blake

Three-dimensional guipure flowers adorn the final lace of our select three. An expertly embroidered base is the background for these unbelievably cute floral motifs, which are surrounded by a choice selection of beads, sequins and pearls. The main edge of the lace is a real eye-catcher, with flamboyant and exciting bouquets which extend into the body of the design.; the flowers themselves are also embellished with pearls and diamantes and are created from numerous fabric layers, adding height and relief from the base tulle. The other border is gently scalloped and adds to the overall effect with refined flower spikes.

We invite you to closely examine these wonderful 3D fabrics and to get in touch with us for expert advice on how to get the most out of them. Enjoy a three-dimensional 2018 with Bridal Fabrics!

New Year, New Lace

Welcome to 2018! It has been a particularly vibrant and exciting year here at Bridal Fabrics and we predict that 2018 will build on this success, delivering ever-more beautiful lace designs along with our specialist service and competitive pricing. To welcome in the new year, we have got three brand new lace designs and they are all available to order now.

Ivory Beaded Lace: Daenerys

We know that brides want to be the centre of attention on their big day and so we always have lots of exciting designs in stock. Daenerys is one of the most daring and dynamic laces we have seen for some time and we expect to see some amazing creations made using the lace. Floral motifs appear at both ends of the design, with the centre featuring small embroidered islands which punctuate the tulle base. In one direction, this area gives way to leafy fronds which extend from large scale flowers at the base; from the other direction, similar motifs march towards the centre with detailed lattice work adding variety. Pearls crystals and oblong beads embellish the design to perfection, completing this uniquely beautiful lace design.

Blush Lace: Chanel

If you are one of the proverbial blushing brides then you might want to add to the charming look with some blush lace! This colour continues to increase in popularity and Chanel is a perfect example of how well the colour can work. The lace comprises densely packed small floral motifs which are evenly spaced throughout, giving a harmonious appearance that is hard to replicate. If you want to let your own blushing take centre stage, then you can also purchase this lace in ivory.

Black Beaded Lace: Dorothy

Highly-embellished lace is always popular and Dorothy is hard to beat in this area. What is particularly interesting about this new design is the fact that it is asymmetric with non-matching borders; this means that it can be used either way around to create a special and unique design. Once again, this lace is also available in a classic ivory colour as well as the daring black.

Check out these new designs and have a happy new year!

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