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Can YOU Spot these SIX Countries..?

London, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo. Berlin, Milan. You’ve seen the list many times before and you’ll recognise the cities as the top haute couture fashion centres of the world. There are seven of them but if you read again a little more closely you’ll notice that they only represent SIX countries? So what’s the deal?

Yes, one of those countries can boast TWO haute couture fashion hubs and that country is Italy. Both Rome and Milan are considered as players on the world fashion stage, with each city having its own unique styles and flair. Together, they present a united, whole vision of Italian fashion that our sourcing team get to see right up close.

They need that close look so that they can bring home with them the best of the best, which are then brought to you, our customers. We are proud and excited to add Anita, Hadley and Destiny to the Bridal Fabrics collection; all three are now available on our website.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Anita

A dotted ivory tulle embroidered with patterned beads, Anita lace is distinct, unique and immediate. The beads recur in sequence to deliver a harmonious visual which is complemented by the careful addition of luxury filigree. Anita lace will appeal to the avant-garde dress designer.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Hadley

Let your fabulous streak out and discover that fun and flirtatious quickly follow. Hadley lace is designed to grab attention with its embroidered ivory disks, which create the sparkliest, most princess-fairytale look as they interact with one another and with the light.

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Destiny

You have guessed by now that ivory embroidery lace is creating big waves in the fashion world but Destiny is the only floral lace of our three new designs. The flowers have an abstract form and expert embroidery to the ‘petals’ negates the need for any further embellishment.

Take a closer look at our three new laces and let us know on social media which you think is the best, the finest and the most beautiful. Trust us, it’s not an easy decision so you may need some time…

Fall in Love with our Fall Fabrics

The fall is always an exciting time for bridal designers, who take inspiration from the season to create some truly stunning fabric designs. This fall, we have a wide selection of fabrics with leaf designs and they are hot property on the couture market. Here are some of our favorites;

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Edna

An old-fashioned name perhaps, but there is nothing old-fashioned about this design. Flowers and leaves are embroidered into tall flame shapes which reach right up into the body of the fabric, creating a sophisticated and unique look. A satin stitch and sequins add a touch of sparkle to this gorgeous design.

Ivory Corded Chantilly Lace: Mila

A dense weave of flowers and leaves is the signature of Mila lace. Shaded areas contrast sharply with more open parts and the ivory cord used for embellishment further heightens this exciting aspect. Sequins add the final touch, creating sparkle and shimmer.

Embroidered Ivory Lace: Cassandra

Bold and striking, this lace is made up of a swirling array of leaves which interlock with one another as they roll across the fabric. The riot of foliage is contained within the edges of the lace, which match perfectly and add a sense of harmony to the piece.

Embroidered Ivory Lace: Journey

Starting with a quality ivory tulle, the designer has embroidered leaves using many different stitching techniques. Together, these techniques have created a deeply beautiful and tactile texture which is unmatched in other lace designs. Beads and pearls add further interest to the lace.

Hand Beaded Ivory Lace: Bridget

If you want to catch everyone’s eye this fall, then this stunning lace could be the one for you. The edge of the lace matches the pattern contours and an array of embellishments includes translucent sequins, seed pearls and bugle beads.

There are lots more laces in our collection that are perfect for the Fall 2017 season so why not browse and be inspired? We would love to hear from you so get in touch via our social media pages and let us know your favorites. Happy browsing!

Fresh from Paris...

You read that we were going on a sourcing trip to Paris. You read that we were back home from the trip. So where’s the LACE?! Our sourcing team have released a limited amount of the new lace designs and you can get your hands on a piece today… want to know more?

The lace that most interested our sourcing team was that on the haute couture runways and so it’s incredibly exclusive; it’s currently in production and we expect to see it arriving early next year. But you CAN pre-order now and even get your hands on a sample.. If you’re quick enough!  

We have managed to coax a limited amount of the new fabric designs from the exclusive designers and can’t wait to share it with our customers. Make sure you’re sitting down, because these two designs are about to take your breath away; allow us to introduce Porscha and Kiri.

Ivory Lace - PorshaPorscha Ivory Lace

There is a definite air of spring in high fashion at the moment, as the designers are always thinking one season ahead. An array of three dimensional flowers embellishes the lace, nodding their enthusiastic heads as the bride moves. The overall effect of the blooms combined with the ephemerous lace is full of grace and elegance which, when perfectly lit by the clear sunlight of springtime, is a truly enchanting sight to behold.

Ivory Lace - KiriKiri Ivory Lace

Ivory has strongly established itself at the head of the fashion charts yet again, with a large proportion of the gowns we saw created in this colour. Kiri marks a decided turn back towards luxuriousness but this time it is combined with the clean and geometric lines that keep coming back to the catwalks. The base design forms a square mesh that is hypnotic and arresting; and let’s admit it, that’s how every bride wants to feel.

You can get a small sample absolutely free or there is a small charge for an extra-large premium sample so that you can truly appreciate the beauty. Grab yours now before they all go!

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