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The More Things Change...

Wedding gowns are one of the clearest indicators of the way fashions change. Conversely, they are also a happy affirmation of the way some things also remain essentially the same. The gown has gone through many changes in its existence though lace has always been one of the preferred materials used, imbued as it is with that sense and feeling of luxury and indulgence.

Go back in time a couple of centuries and the main thing you’d notice is that wedding gowns were not white or ivory two of the most popular colors today. Quite the opposite in fact; dark colors featured prominently on brides as they took their vows. This was for the simple reason that it was very difficult to keep light-colored fabrics clean in the days before washing machines and laundry detergents. One stain could ruin the entire gown and there were plenty of Bridezilla’s back then too; nobody would take the risk.

Queen Victoria is said to have inspired the white wedding dress and it certainly caught on once people got a bit cleaner! The color, along with ivory, has flourished and is one of the things that to this day is still a major driving force in bridal couture. In the earlier years of her reign, gowns were often quite formal, with few embellishments.

When money got tight, such as in the depression and during the war years, brides still wanted to look good and so sought alternatives to silk and other luxury materials; rayon was particularly popular. Lace still featured highly on the list of demands and a lot of mothers found their old gowns pressed into service by daughters. Sometimes a single piece of lace would be cut from Mom’s old gown (no doubt after lots of begging!) and turned into an embellishment that would complete the gown.

In the  60s and 70s, fashion experienced its biggest upheavals and this was reflected in the wedding gown, which went up and down in length dramatically and began to feature much more embellishment. The space-age made metallic fabrics particularly popular.

There was a return to more traditional gowns with long trains and big veils, which gave way to a modern compromise between the two. This led onto our current designs, which seek not to replicate the past but to draw on its influences and create fusions that continue to astound.

At Bridal Fabrics, we stock lace of every description so that you can always create exactly the dress you want. Why not start with a look at our newest designs?

Lace on the Red Carpet: Met Gala 2017

The Met Gala is THE event for the fashion industry and, once a year, gathers the brightest stars of the fashion firmament together in an explosion of couture gorgeousness. Celebrities wear the very latest in hot fashion and lace is always in evidence. This year was no exception and the famous fabric appeared all over the show…

Arriving to the crazed strobe-flicker of camera flashes were the Olsen Twins. Although they are very much grown up now, it is still possible to see a twinkle of the sweetness that won our hearts way back when they were fresh-faced kids. Their lovely outfits featured cream lace that helped with this illusion.

Then there was Sofia Richie, who wowed the crowds in a daring lace jumpsuit, which was the subject of much interested attention. It was definitely an interesting design that showed off the versatility of lace as a design fabric.

Kendall Jenner was even more daring in a visual treat of an outfit that centred on a lace thong. A stunning reminder that lace has a very important place in the bedroom as well as on the runway!

Nobody was sure at first who the lady in the veil was, but it turned out to be everyone’s favorite Katy Perry. Well known for her good fashion sense, Katy rarely makes a mistake and her lace veil was definitely hitting all the right notes.

The real showstopper of the Met Gala 2017 was Sophie Turner’s dazzling floor-length dress from Louis Vuitton. With nude and white lace used in an exciting and innovative way, the dress really suited Sophie and you could tell how comfortable she felt in it.

The after-parties are just as fashion-filled as the main event and nobody missed Chrissy Teigen’s outfit. She wore a provocative lace mini-dress that featured a jet-black lace train and floral embellishments, causing every photographer’s lens to focus in her direction.

You don’t need the drama and excitement of a wedding to enjoy the drama and excitement of LACE! Why not treat yourself to some fabulous fabric from our collection and get that celebrity look?

Doctor Jekyll and Mrs BRIDE!

In our lives, most of us have more than a touch of the Jekyll/Hyde syndrome about us. While we aren’t drinking secret formulas and transforming into sinister personalities to stalk the streets and cause mayhem during the night, we all sometimes have conflicting thoughts, often at one and the same time. Confused? You will be…

In his legendary dystopian novel ‘1984’, George Orwell describes a peculiar aspect of human behaviour that his characters display, wherein they are able to simultaneously have two completely conflicting thoughts or feelings at the same moment, while simultaneously believing in the complete truth of both viewpoints. He even gives it its very own word: Doublethink.

In the novel, doublethink is practiced by everyone and is particularly important politically, albeit in a very sinister way. We feel nervous and judgemental of those who practice doublethink but really it is something that happens to all of us, every day. We want another chocolate bar but we don't want to put weight on. We think our neighbor is amazingly intelligent but also rather stupid. And we want to buy all sorts of things, but we have to save up for something else.

While we aren’t able to help you out with most of these daily decisions, we CAN clear up something right here and now: ‘the best things in life are free’ is pure doublethink when it comes to weddings! Your partner and the love you share have no price tag - but the rest of the wedding does. And we believe that, as it’s a very very special occasion, you should splurge as much as you can for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

That said, the average wedding keeps getting more expensive, so where are you supposed to make savings? Allow us to help with that! We always have big discounts on a changing selection of wedding dress material and right now you can get a massive 15% off ALL new fabrics when you purchase from us.

Don't forget to do the last bit of doublethink: one side of you will feel proud that you have saved lots of cash and not had to sacrifice any quality whatsoever. The other side of you will be wondering what luxuries to blow the savings on!

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