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Wedding Fabrics and the Four Seasons — Bespoke Style!

We may be almost in October already, but we sun-worshipers here at Bridal Fabrics Headquarters have been running on our own time and have not wanted to give up the summer! But a change in the air has finally brought us crashing back down to earth and so we now officially say goodbye to summer. But don’t be sad because the end of summer means only one thing… SALE TIME!

Yes, you, the delectable designers and beautiful brides-to-be that form our stylish customer base, are to be treated to an End of Season Extravaganza — right in the middle of the season. We have thrown out the rule book and, instead of offering a select range with confusing discounts on different products, we are applying a flat—rate discount to a massive array of some of our most popular, newest and exciting bridal fabrics. Easy as pie (cherry is our favourite).

It isn't just bridal lace that is included in the sale (though there are more than 40 lace styles there!) and you can get your hands on lots of lace trim, appliques, crystal trim and motifs to make sure you gown is embellished to perfection. And with our big discount, which is part-celebration to cheer us all up and part-mourning for the end of another summer, you can really splash out and get 35% more fabric for your money.

Yes, you read it right! You can save 35% on over 100 products in our End-of-Summer Extravaganza; there is something to tempt every bride and, if we know our stuff, there are LOTS of things to tempt every bride so don't blame us if you spend hours browsing to find the perfect one for you! Designers and dressmakers can also take advantage of the flat—rate discount and pass substantial savings on to their customers while still staying in profit — the perfect solution for everyone, particularly as Christmas approaches later in the year.

Ok — we can sense that you are getting restless and want to get to the good stuff! But, where are you going to start? We simply get lost in the sheer beauty and diversity every time we look at the fabrics included in the offer so you're on your own — start exploring NOW and find the fabric of your dreams at a price you can't believe…

You Won't BELIEVE Our Latest, Greatest Special Offer...

Autumn may have arrived clothed in sunshine but has certainly changed its tune in a hurry! As we get ready to say goodbye to September and usher in the season proper, everyone here at Platinum Bridal Fabrics HQ is feeling the chill. So, to cheer everyone up, we are excited to announce our Autumn Bonanza Extravaganza! Sound like a grand title? Just wait till you find out what’s in store…

There is nothing quite like the feeling of making people happy and a big discount on a quality product tends to have that effect. We are not entirely unselfish though — we know an attractive price encourages our customers to get more fabric than they intended (for the same price!) and we just love seeing extravagant gowns made with yards and yard (miles?!) of material.

If you are getting married this year, then chances are you're going to have to deal with some cold weather so our Autumn Bonanza means you can afford to splash out on a little extra fabric and get your dress feeling as good as it looks and protecting you from the chill. If you are a dressmaker/designer, then our limited—time discount means you can pass on a huge saving to your customers while still making a tidy profit for yourself. Everyone’s a winner!

Ok, ok — we will get down to the figures. There is no great mystery — we are simply offering a massive 35% discount on an equally—massive range of bridal fabrics from lace and matching trims/appliques to an exciting, glittery range of crystal trim and motifs. There are so many items included in the Autumn Extravaganza that we just do not know where to start!

On the haute couture bridal catwalks recently, the layered look has been seen in lots of guises from lots of diverse designers. You can spend many happy hours absorbed in finding the very best combination of fabrics and, if you really can't decide, then our highly—skilled bridal team will gladly share the benefit of their many years of experience in creating unique, bespoke bridal beauty.

We are not going to hold you up and longer as we know you must be itching to get to the goods! Enjoy browsing and enjoy your 35% discount! Have a fabulous autumn from all at Platinum Bridal Fabrics HQ.

A Date in Paris, France...

What are the perks of YOUR job? Every job has them, but we are willing to bet that those enjoyed by the Wedding Dress Fabrics sourcing team are some of the best around! In their quest to find the very best wedding dress material to bing to our customers, along with sharing some of our own inspiring favourites, the team jet off to the fashion centres of the world – this time they are off to Paris, France, traditionally one of the world’s most fashionable, and romantic, cities. Sacre bleu!

Bohemian, trendy and full of activity, Paris has long been regarded as a centre of fine culture – and that includes the clothes. Walking down a Parisian sidewalk, you are confronted with such an amazing mishmash of styles but everything is just that - stylish. Whatever they wear, Parisians wear it with panache and even the old clochard drinking red wine on a bench in the street is likely to be wearing his battered old hat at just the perfect rakish angle. Lace is always big news in this vibrant city and some extremely fine examples of the fabric are to be found in France - Chantilly lace is regarded by many to be the finest in the world and, if you feel like spoiling yourself (which of course you do, and why not?!) then check out our excellent range of Chantilly Lace.

Chantilly LaceChantilly LaceChantilly Lace

So, you can imagine what the atmosphere is going to be like at Texworld, the huge and highly-prestigious trade fair that our sourcing team have been whisked away to. More than 600 international buyers and suppliers will gather together over four days (12th Sept - 25th Sept inclusive) to discuss ideas and share knowledge and information, each learning a little from the other to create the dazzling multicultural melange that is so evident in fashion, from high street to wedding aisle to couture catwalk and red carpet.

Texworld is one of the many bridal trade events on the calendar but is particularly important due to its central European location. Though its home and heart is in Paris, Texworld does have a presence in the USA as well and there was recently a trade fair at the Javits Convention Centre in New York. Look out for a full report with all the gossip and details about the event coming soon – subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to get your hands on the exclusive information!


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