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Bridal Fabrics Sent From Heaven...

If you were looking for a little bit of Devotion, Benevolence and Empathy in your life, one of the first places you might head along to is a religious group. But wait - do not miss our Bridal Fabrics on your way!

For we present to you our own version of these three noble qualities, each embodied in a material so perfect that it almost demands to be worshiped - enjoy the luxurious qualities in your wedding gown with the glorious delights of…


Wow! What a stunning and attractive impression is immediately given by this simply sumptuous fabric, created from the perfect 60 to 40 blend of acetate and viscose. The handle of this material is really remarkable and the sound it makes when swirled and swished is just fascinating, like a breeze on the beach. Try our free sample service to experience this magical effect for yourself. A refined and cultured palette of 10 colors is available, with the two most popular colors being the opposites of the vibrantly red Cardinal and the smoothness of Forest Green.


Weighing almost nothing, this is a polyester chiffon that has been sourced in the capital of haute couture fashion - italy. The drape is just perfect and there are 15 colors to choose from, including metallic colours and our own favorite which is Lilac. Or maybe Burgundy. We can never make up our minds! Which is YOUR favorite color?


This material is almost completely manufactured from polyester but has a little touch of a magic ingredient - elastane. This is the chemical that gives elastic its elasticity and so an amazing stretchiness is given to the material right the way through. Bend it, stretch it, flex it and shape it - you can create the most amazing effects with this strong yet delicate fabric and there are more than 15 colors to choose from.

These fabrics have really excited and stimulated our imaginations here at Wedding Dress Fabrics - and we can’t wait to see what they do to yours! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us for the online gallery.

Enjoy browsing our new designs and please do not hesitate to use our fast & free sample service.

Brand New and Exclusive — Luxury Lace

It is always great to get new things – and we are lucky here at Bridal Fabrics because we get them all the time! It is part of our dedication to our customers that we provide them with the widest, most diverse choice of material to create their dream gown and so our sourcing team are always out and about all over the world, choosing the very best examples of wedding fabrics they can find.

If we love new fabrics so much, then why don’t we add more?! It seems like a long time waiting for new fabrics and then, we only add a small number. This is because our team are very picky when it comes to deciding what we will put on display – there are unfortunately so many inferior fabrics out there and we only want you to have the best. So we only stock the best!

Here are our latest fab four that have passed the test…

Hester — ivory Raschel lace


This is a perfectly beautiful ivory Raschel lace and is a simple and subtle design yet one with great effectiveness and versatility. The fringed and scalloped edges contain a pretty lace design that you may have seen before - our Valerie lace is very similar except is embellished with beads.

Kate Trim — Kate lace

Kate Trim

Nobody can forget the stunning gown worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding, which used the appropriately-named Kate lace. This shot the design to the top of the charts, from where it has hardly slipped since. The trim that goes with it is now available in Black as the demand for this color has risen dramatically in recent months,

Sybil chantilly lace


A lovely chantilly lace that is quite unusual and exotic. It is hard to describe in words just how interesting the non-matching borders are and we recommend checking out the product video to get a more visual experience - you can also order a sample using our free service. As if the design were not gorgeous enough, elegant and distinctive cording is used for further beauty.

Birdie chantilly lace


Another unusual chantilly lace, this design does not feature flowers and instead relies on an interesting, abstract charm to provide its stunning look. We adore the scalloped and fringed edges, which feature touches of expert cording to make them even more enticing.

Enjoy checking out these new laces!

The Past in the Present — Crafted by Hand

Baby Cot

Weddings and babies have always had a subtle connection, but here it is made blatantly obvious! We were absolutely thrilled recently to receive these photos, which we are equally thrilled to share with you here. We think you’re going to love them but don’t blame us if you end up feeling broody - you have been warned!

We are all about weddings here at Bridal Fabrics but can’t forget that a significant portion of our customers actually use our fabrics for a wide array of other clothing, including that perfect prom gown, something for a theatre show, a fancy dress outfit or a baptismal costume. Lots of our customers use our quality fabrics for craft work too, and that is exactly what mother-and-daughter team Deborah and Olivia do.

The pair like to use their talents to create many different handcrafted items, more of which you can see on their website at Deborahpageoriginals.webs.com. But surely the most impressive are these heirloom cribs, each of which is a pure delight and would grace any nursery with its softly imposing yet indubitably welcoming style. Your baby might end up feeling like a king or queen - watch out they don’t start trying to be the ruler of the rumpus room!

Baby Cot

In the photos here, just a teaser of what the duo are capable of achieving, you can see the gorgeous, classic bassinet cradle that looks comfortable enough to sleep in yourself, if only you were small enough. But the granddaddy of them all is the 4-poster design, which is just breathtaking with its lofty height and silk detail.

Neither of these amazing pieces of functional art would be complete without the addition of Eloise lace, a corded design available from us in Ivory, Black or White - each has its own co-ordinating set of appliques and trim to make sure you can achieve a look on sheer harmony. The flowers that make up the design of the lace are so well-placed that they create an entire landscape of visual excitement, which is held neatly in anticipatory check with a large, central flower.

We would like to say a big thank you to Deborah and Olivia - we love your heirloom cots and are sure that our customers will, too. For more info about Eloise, visit the product page and check out our gallery to see wedding gowns made using the delightful, versatile wedding fabric.

The Five Fs and How to Get Them

Fine, floaty, feminine and fabulous. All of these words that begin with the letter F are perfect for describing the latest craze in bridalwear which also begins with that letter - feathers! The gorgeous adornments are finding their way onto all sorts of haute-couture garments recently, as well as one or two that have not been very carefully attached finding their way onto the red carpet! If you want an elegant, exciting, bang up-to-date look for your wedding, then check out the Wedding Dress Fabrics selection of feather lace and give in to the Five Fs!

In the animal kingdom, birds don’t just use their feathers for flying with. Having feathers also gives you protection from cold and, more importantly, from water, meaning they can stay dry and warm in their nests even when the weather is raging. The vivid color exhibited in the feathers of many (mostly male) birds is often a means of attracting a mate and humans have, throughout history and across all cultures, always collected and used feathers to adorn themselves.

Adorn yourself and become and angel with one of these beautiful feather laces, or check out our website for even more choices.

Nikita LaceNikita

Choose from white or ivory for the color and enjoy the eye-catching floral design and the light, almost weightless feathers, each of which has been attached by hand using a delightful wedding dress embellishment such as a bead or pearl. Filigree thread, sequins and a selection of beads in complementary colors adds further excitement to the unique wedding fabric, which is bordered with a carefully-stitched design.

Chantelle LaceChantelle

Looking like the good-weather clouds in the enchanting sky of a Midwestern day in the deep summer, this is a design that makes you react with a breathless gasp as your eyes alight on one of two embellished wings, which sweep together to form an apex that defines the shape of the wearer in a flattering, regal way. An extra dimension is added with luxurious Champagne filigree thread, which highlights the subtle yet swanky selection of beads and softly-shimmering pearls dotted amongst the smooth, light feathers.

Faye LaceFaye

Faye is an old word that means ‘fairy’ - the perfect name, then, for this lace which could have come straight from the wardrobe of a princess in a Hans Christian Andersen story. Our designer has clearly enjoyed every moment of creating this playful, whimsical feather lace, allowing themselves a free hand in the sequin and bead box and generously sprinkling embellishments just about everywhere you care to look. Beyond this outwardly-dreamy appearance, however, lies complex and intelligent embroidery that has clearly taken much close and focused attention to perfect.

Check out our full collection of Wedding Lace right here - you will fly down the aisle!

Direct from the Land of Romance — Experience the Luxury...

Italy, Spain, France - these are the romance countries, from where the influence of the Roman civilisation affected everything from art and food to clothing and language. Today, the inhabitants of these countries are still noted for their fiery tempers, all-encompassing passions and artistic flair - like their ancestors before them, they can channel these energies (when they so desire!) to create stunning, world-class works of art that define the moment in a single, stunning coup. So, how can you get your own little slice of all this? Read on…

Bridal Fabrics have teamed up with Italian couture fabric company Lusi Embroideries to bring you an exclusive collection of extra-special wedding dress fabric. Our fabric-sourcing team have spent many happy hours deciding on the final selection of four laces, each of which is available to purchase now from Bridal Fabrics.

Lusi Embroideries - The Facts

  • The company was established more than 50 years ago in 1964 by Silvia and Luciana Tubaldo

  • The couple already had lots of experience but decided the time was right to make their success a global phenomenon

  • Now in its second generation, the Tubaldo family still run the business and have developed it into a highly-renowned, ultra-sophisticated brand

  • A sharp focus on environmental issues means that the company has achieved excellent green credentials in its many facilities, which are located as far apart as the USA, Lebanon, France, China, the UK and countries in the Middle East

Visit the product pages for the following new laces to see for yourself the unmatched quality of Lusi Embroideries - will your favorite be…

Briella Lace Briella - luxurious glamour combines with elegant sophistication to form an enticing, attractive wedding dress fabric
Sloane lace Sloane - if you cannot decide which embroidery technique you like best, then enjoy a broad mixture with Sloane
Rowan Lace Rowan - one of the prettiest and most feminine laces we have seen in a long time - do you agree?
Ashlyn Lace

Ashlyn - a fine silver thread runs throughout this dramatic design, which has a uniquely textured look to it

It is time to let yourself Lusi and give in to your cravings for luxurious couture material to create what will be the most important piece of clothing you will ever own. Start now by clicking here and breathe deeply first - the journey is going to be an exhilarating one!

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