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How To Choose Complementary Colors

At Bridal Fabrics, we firmly believe that every bride should feel like nothing less than a queen on her big day and we are here to make it happen. Every day, we ship out hundreds of yards of bridal fabric along with thousands of accessories, all bound for dressmakers and designers who will create the dresses that make dreams come true. We love seeing what these fabrics are transformed into by our talented customers - and here is one to REALLY take your breath away…

The Mediterranean paradise of Gozo, the sister island of Malta, is the setting for this story, which begins with VickyAnn, a talented and highly-renowned dressmaker. She creates bespoke gowns of extremely high quality and, in her own words ‘fell in love’ with our website as soon as she discovered the massive range of delightful wedding dress fabrics we have on offer every day. She sent us a picture of her latest creation, which is a shimmering, delicious dream and made the bride feel beyond beautiful as she took her sacred vows.

VickyAnn (www.facebook.com/vickyann.xuereb) and Duncan Weisters, our Managing Director with years of experience in the business and a highly-trained eye for haute couture, worked together to choose the fabrics and tones for this gown, which were:

Victoria Lace - Russet

Russet is a much-neglected color and we are glad to see evidence of how great it can really look when it is used in the hands of a confident, creative designer. This is an embroidered lace featuring bursts of floral bouquets, each corded and given glamour and glitz with sequins, beads and a single, continuous silver filigree thread running throughout. Simply stunning!

Splendor - Peony

Duncan knew right away that Peony was the best color to team with the Russet of the lace and so recommended it for the silk crepe backed satin. This fabric has rightly earned the title ‘Queen of Fabrics’ and its regal, heavy and luxurious drape ensures that anyone who wears it will feel like a member of the English Royal Family!

VickyAnn, we think your dressmaking skills are out of this world - and Gozo doesn’t look half bad either! Thanks for sending in your pictures and for your lovely email.

Want to discover the many other colors of these fabrics we have available? What are you waiting for? Just check all our products!

All New, All WOW — Seriously Special Bridal Laces...

If you are feeling in the need for a little summer excitement then hold on to your wedding hats because here it comes! We have got an AMAZING selection of BRAND NEW wedding dress material on offer so, if you thought you had finally found the one you wanted, hold the front page as you might just be tempted by one of our new, exclusive designs…

We have been receiving packages from all over the world, each filled with a delightful assortment of fabrics which our sourcing team have approved. They are a tough bunch to please - after examining thousands of laces from hundreds of suppliers, they selected just a few to bring back and share with our customers to ensure you only get the best. Here are three of our very favorite new bridal lace designs, all of which can be found in their own dedicated section on the website.

Carter - Silver Embroidered LaceCarter - Silver Embroidered Lace

You are certainly going to want to Get Carter when you see just how gorgeous it is! Like something from a futuristic space colony, the deep, gunmetal silver of the embroidery on this fabric is just out of this world and seems to glow under its own strange, mystical power. Movement brings the color to a mesmerising, pleasing life of its own, entrancing all who lay eyes upon it.

Shelley - Ivory Embroidered Lace

Shelley - Ivory Embroidered LaceSo you like it glam but want to keep it elegant? Into luxury but don’t want to look too blingy? This could be the design for you, shot through with subtle yet unmistakable silver threads. Silver sequins, just a few and in exactly the right places, keep interest high as the eye is led to the complex embroidery. An exuberant floral design is created using lustrous thread with the very minimum amount of silver thread included to just catch the light as the bride moves - pure magic.

Beatrice - Ivory Embroidered Lace

Beatrice - Ivory Embroidered LaceThe swirling, radiating lines of embroidery in this little beauty of a fabric take the viewer’s eye on a winding and meandering journey, allowing plenty of time to linger on the many embellishments - beads, sequins and pearls. The fabric has two different edges so a wide variety of effects can be easily created - we look forward to seeing your photographs of wedding wear made with this fabric as we feel sure that our talented customers will really take it to new heights!

There’s more - and you are invited to share them. Ready to jump feet-first into our soft and delicate pile of wedding lace? Then hold tight and check the full range here!

The Wedding Gown — It's a Family Affair...

The Flower Girl role in a wedding is an important one, particularly for the lucky girl herself! The job usually goes to the Bride’s daughter and, in a recent beach wedding, this tradition was carried on as both Mother and Daughter walked up the aisle in matching outfits - can you think of anything cuter?! We certainly can’t and, after you have seen these wonderful photos sent to us by the bride herself, we don’t think you will be able to either.

Naomi Flower Lace in White

Ivett Bosnyak chose an idyllic beach for her wedding (something she very nearly regretted - more on this later) and, like so many women before her, turned to her own mother for advice on what to wear on the big day. Mum, like so many women before HER, rose admirably to the challenge and set to work designing the gowns using the fabrics chosen by Ivett and supplied by us.

It was our Facebook page that helped Ivett make the final fabric decision - she asked for advice there and quickly received a full, extremely-helpful reply from our expert bridal couture team. She was already decided on Naomi Flower Lace in White but couldn’t quite decide on which fabric to go with it - read on to find out what she chose…

Naomi Flower Lace in White (also available in Ivory)

Starting off with a fine tulle ground, our designer has allowed both their refined and extravagant tastes to flourish, resulting in a unique design of surprising harmony. A large bouquet of 3D flowers catches our eye first, immediately leading it to the central feature of a pair of laser-cut flowers which utilize an exotic lace and glittering diamante in their design. The flowers are complemented by carefully-embroidered foliage which is covered with tubular beads and shot through with light-catching filigree thread of the purest silver coloration.

The separate motifs can be used as extra wedding dress embellishments so not a scrap of this lace is ever wasted. Each piece is framed by superlatively-attractive borders and creates a lace that is distinctive, chic and ready to impress.

Glitterati Tulle

We are concerned with making sure the bride looks good, not on simply making a quick buck. That’s why, when Ivett asked us what fabric would look good, we were happy to recommend one of our especially cost-effective fabrics - Glitterati tulle - which we knew would make the perfect underlay. And we were right - just check out the photos!

Thanks Ivett, for the email and photos, we think you both look fab. Send us your photos if you want to feature in your own news article!

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