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Embellished Fabric — Is This The New Ivory?

Embellished Fabric — Is This The New Ivory?

What do you think is the most popular color for a wedding gown? We are 99% certain that you answered White or Ivory - are we correct? These two tones have always been locked in a battle for the top spot in the popularity stakes but that means that position #3 is always the most interesting, with an array of different tones jostling for the title. As this ever-raging battle continues, many brides are deciding to have the best of both worlds - want to find out how?

If you’ve decided to do away with tradition and go wild down the aisle in a colored lace gown, then your first stop is our Colored Lace section where you can live out your dreams of being Somewhere Over the Rainbow! if you like the idea but aren’t quite sure then you’re definitely going to want to check out our Colored Lace Trim, which allows you to add an exciting splash of your favorite hue to the wedding dress without committing to a full-on all-over color!

You can use lace trim in all sorts of creative ways and places - and we don’t just mean on the wedding dress. Accessorize handbags and shoes, make complementary decorations and wedding favors and even give your wedding cake a matching lacy look!

Choosing your Color

Most of us have a favorite color and you’re sure to find a shade of it in our rainbow galaxy of lace trim. Select soft and sensual with China Blue, go girly with Candy Pink or feel like a queen in Russet, Violet or Chartreuse. There are lots more to choose from and you might just find yourself rethinking that favorite color after all…

Our two current favorite colored lace trims are:

  • Claire - Bella in the movie Breaking Dawn wore this lace so if you recognise it then that’s why! A grid of flowers and leaves features prominently, giving this embellished fabric a classy couture look

  • Sophia - most brides want a bit of drama and Sophia has it to spare. A design of beaded and corded crowns is a real eye-catcher and a delicate, feminine fringe makes for the perfect finishing touch

Don’t agonise over a decision between an ivory/white dress and a more unusual color - have both!

Ivory Lace For You — Just Look Online to Save On NINE!

Dressing perfectly for your wedding isn’t just a skill - it’s an art - and what we offer is the canvas, paint and brushes in the form of the very best wedding dress fabrics around. If you’ve ever rolled your eyes at the old saying that claims ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, then check this out.. you’re about to save 15% on nine of our most gorgeous bridal fabrics and we think that is a MUCH better thing to hear than the tired old proverb...!

When you or your chosen designer gets stitching with these marvelous materials, the creativity is just going to take right over and propel you dream gown from couture classic to magical masterpiece. So, do you fancy a sneak peek at some of the the nine bridal laces currently available with that pristine 15% discount? Allow us to be your glowing guide..

Ivory Corded Lace - Miranda

Derived directly from the Latin word ‘mirandus’ which means, quite simply, ‘wonderful’, the pretty and feminine name of Miranda is perfect for this heavenly wedding lace. Bringing together a wide variety of floral motifs throughout, the fabric boasts a harmonious visual appeal that belies the complexity and depth of its spectacular cording. Elegant, effervescent and exclusively exciting.

Ivory Beaded Lace - Pamela

This name appears to have been the sole invention of a 16th Century poet - Sir Philip Sidney. Probably intended to mean ‘all sweetness’ (from Greek words ‘pan’ and ‘meli’ - ‘all’ and ‘honey’), the name became popularised by another writer of antiquity - Samuel Richardson - in 1740. Pamela embellished fabric, which features subtle cording highlights, is definitely all sweetness, its beautiful floral theme heralded by large rosettes decorated with beads, pearls and a shimmering central diamanté. Alluring, absorbing and altogether amazing.

Ivory Beaded & Corded Lace - Constance

A medieval name with a root meaning ‘steadfast’, this is definitely a fabric that has stood the test of time. Its lasting popularity comes from the vintage appeal expertly provided by careful selection and arrangement of wedding dress embellishments including sequins, beads and ivory cording. The ivory coloration is particularly special as the heavily-embroidered background that forms abstract petals leaves a subtly-opaque ivory tone. Decadent, daring and decidedly delicious.

So, there you have it! Just three of the NINE bridal lace designs currently available with a fab 15% price cut to make your wedding dollar go even further. Want to see the rest of the collection? All you need to do is to visit our website then sit back, relax and watch as your dream wedding dress starts to become a magical, memorable and momentously marvelous reality!

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