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New Beaded Lace for Brides with Style

It’s like a hundred birthdays have come at once here at our headquarters recently, with package after exciting package arriving. Each package contains brand new bridal lace and embellished fabric, all of which have been carefully selected by our talented, globetrotting, material-sourcing team. Our last article focused purely on the new Chantilly lace added to our unrivalled collection and here we look at a wider sector - beaded lace.

Anastasia - Ivory Chantilly Lace

Chantilly lace really is the big talking-point in couture circles right now and our embellished varieties of classic designs are hugely popular and influential. Anastasia is based on Natasha wedding lace and has been embellished by hand to include beads, pearls and shimmering sequins.

Maeve - Ivory Sequinned Lace

Treading a fine yet clearly distinct line between wedding dress material and wedding dress embellishment, this is an especially-interesting design that is well worth a second (.. and third.. and fourth..!) glance. A glimmering array of pale ivory sequins, each added randomly to form separate groups and unique textures, is suspended in a net-like framework that forms an eye-catching pattern of diamonds.

Marissa -  Ivory Pearl Lace

The second sister in a close-weave family of three, Marissa joins Maeve and Lina to form a tempting trio of wedding couture design options. Instead of sequins, pearls have been used in the netting at intervals to create a design that, though more geometrically-uniform than Maeve, is in constant, glorious flux as the wearer moves.

Lina - Ivory Sequin & Pearl Lace

Big sister just has to have the best of both worlds! Combining the beautiful embellished elements of both Maeve and Marissa, Lina wedding lace features alternate rows of lustrous sequins and subtle pearls - perfect for overlaying other fabrics or as part of a unique, show-stealing headpiece and veil.

Lanisha - Ivory Beaded Lace

Someone call the authorities because it MUST be against some kind of law to be this exquisitely-perfect! It is hard to know where to start when describing this enchanting bridal lace, which features a wide array of wedding dress embellishments including filigree wire, beads, sequins and diamantés. Perfect pearls dance in fluid yet precise formation to further add to the unique and powerful beauty of Lanisha wedding lace.

Salvadora - Ivory Beaded Lace

An elegant, refined and tasteful design coloured with the softest, palest of ivory tones. The floral design that proudly extends right through the body of this lace mirrors itself towards the pattern’s centre and a subtle selection of sequins and beads adds the perfect finishing touch.

Theodora - Ivory Beaded Lace

Every time we take delivery of a new selection of wedding dress material, these is always one design that refuses to fit into any regular-shaped pigeonhole - Theodora takes the prize this time! Unusual, elaborate and with a sense of having arrived straight from Heaven itself, this fabric features a dense collection of sequins, pearls and beads which gradually taper off as the lace progresses, creating embroidery ‘islands’ that your eyes will want to sail away to and never return.

All of these laces have been added to our site and are now available for close examination in the comfort of your own home with our Free Sample service. Visit the product pages now!

Save 15% on Selected Embellished Fabric & Wedding Dress Material!

There is still time to take advantage of the latest wedding dress material and embellished fabric to be included in the dedicated Special Offers section of our website - check out the range and order soon to save a fabulous 15% on all of these fabrics and more!

Lucy - Ivory Guipure Lace

Stylish and contemporary, this is a bridal lace fabric designed for a modern, fashion-conscious bride who likes that added touch of luxury. Throughout the striking design, a series of pretty flowers dances through a complex web of swirling motifs and the whole is corded and embroidered all over. The small metallic clusters make this bridal lace fabric absolutely unique and irregularly-scalloped yet identical borders complete the luscious design.

Kate - Ivory Chantilly Lace

It’s back - not that it ever really went away! Since being one of the four fine laces used to create Kate Middleton’s distinctive Royal Wedding gown, this lace has enjoyed continued popularity and, with a single glance at the bouquet motifs highlighted with the finest Chantilly shading, it isn’t difficult to see why. As it is so popular, Kate ivory Chantilly lace is available in a selection of other colours as well.

Hannah - Mink Lace

The name ‘Hannah’ derives from a Hebrew word meaning ‘grace’ and so is the perfect handle for this divine wedding dress material. fringed on both the top and bottom panels, this fabric features corded detail and the unusual yet glamorous coloration is sure to be a big talking-point in your wedding.

Viola - Crystal Embroidery

There are currently several wedding dress embellishments in our ‘Special Offers’ section but Viola is the queen of them all. Big, bold and beautiful, this glamorous design is created using a selection of beads, pearls and diamantés to produce a glittering, stunning effect. This embellishment is particularly suited to adornment of the neckline and would also work well on any other kind of eveningwear such as a prom or party dress.

Check out the rest of the wedding dress material now available with a 15% discount and order today for the fastest delivery!

A Show-Stopping Wedding Gown using Corded Lace

These amazing photographs show bride Victoria wearing a show-stopping wedding gown created using our bridal lace fabrics. The gorgeous garment was designed and made by Kpoene’ Kofi-Nicklin from talented dressmaker Mignonette Bridal and the pictures are reproduced here with kind permission of Hetler Photography.

Victoria got married in late September but began her search for the perfect wedding dress some time before. As seems to happen with a large and ever-growing number of brides, Victoria realised that the ready-to-wear creations she found in bridal boutiques were just not quite right for her and so she decided to employ the skills and services of a professional dressmaker to design and make a bespoke wedding gown.

Mignonette Bridal designed a simply divine two-piece gown for Victoria, who could not have been more impressed with the results. Kpoene describes Victoria as ‘elegant and fashion-forward’ and created an outfit that would reflect these facets of Victoria’s personality. Natalie bridal lace fabric was chosen, embellished with clear crystals and blush pearls to add a depth and sparkle to the dress and match the bride’s fabulous footwear.

Natalie ivory lace is a corded design that has been based on an open tulle ground. Towers of floral motifs rise proudly and strikingly into a tall arched pattern, extending a full 23” from the asymmetrical borders. Its soft yet rich ivory coloration subtly captures and reflects the light, a quality that worked perfectly with the wedding dress embellishments chosen by the talented designer. As with all of our bridal lace fabric, Natalie is available in full and part rolls or cut to your desired length and you can order a free sample directly from the product page.

We would like to thank Mignonette Bridal for sharing the story of Victoria’s perfect dress and look forward to hearing much more from them in the future. Check out Natalie bridal lace here and keep your stories and photos coming in!

Embellished Chantilly Lace for the Stylish Bride

If you are a woman with style who likes to always be right on trend, then you are going to love our new collection of wedding dress material! Embellished fabric and Chantilly lace are both set to be massive this coming season and we have taken the exciting and trendsetting step of combining both of these fabrics to create brand new, unique designs.

Our designers have carefully chosen from our collection of French Chantilly lace, which has then been hand-decorated in India using the very finest, most visually-arresting wedding dress embellishments. Check out the new fabrics right here and don't forget that you can order up to 4 samples of our fabrics absolutely free of charge.

Alisha - Beaded Ivory Lace

Glamor is the key word with this striking bridal lace fabric, which has been based on Harper Chantilly lace and features a parade of large rose motifs as its central design. These flowers march proudly across the lace ground to identical scalloped edges - the whole has been embellished with a selection of beads and sequins that catch the light in a truly magical way.

Annalisa - White Beaded Lace

The pretty, feminine name of Annalisa perfectly captures the graceful quality of this lace, which is based on Kate lace - one of the four fabrics used to create Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding gown. The addition of sequins, pearls and beads adds a whole new dimension to the lace, creating a dramatic three-dimensional effect as they work in flawless harmony with thread loops.

Bryony - Ivory Beaded Lace

The French-made lace used to create Bryony is delicate, ethereal and wondrously tactile, creating delightful sensations on the fingertips. Bouquets of mixed flowers are gently shaded to give an entrancing, mystical effect and the double-scalloped border adds a touch of pure class.

Aurelia - Ivory Beaded Lace

With a regal drape and exceptionally soft handle, Samantha Chantilly lace has been chosen to create Aurelia. Pearls and beads work in elegant unison to produce a tasteful yet flamboyant design and the addition of a subtle fringe makes this bridal lace fabric extra luxurious.

We know you will have been inspired by this exciting new collection - please visit the individual product pages for more details and photographs!

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