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Four Fab Fabrics Create Designer Dress

A budding bridal couture dressmaker has set the bar extremely high for herself with the completion of her very first commission to create a bespoke wedding gown. Fiona Churchman used several different wedding dress fabrics from our collection to create the stunning garment, which was happily worn by her best friend Rachel.

Rachel knew from the start that her wedding dress was going to be unique and, together with Fiona, they set about creating design after design. The dress gradually began to take shape on paper; inspired by the style, sophistication and glamour of the 1950s era, a tea-length gown featuring ivory bridal lace fabric and embellished with daring scarlet accents emerged.

Next came what the pair thought was going to be the hard part; sourcing the exact fabrics they would require to make the vision a reality. Luckily, Fiona quickly discovered Wedding Dress Fabrics and told us that she found our website ‘clear’ and ‘easy to use’. Taking advantage of our fast and reliable Free Sample service, Fiona and Rachel decided together that Stardust, Majestic, Carnival and Francesca were all just perfect.

Stardust - Ivory Organza

Crisp, sharp and sheer, this lightweight organza is reminiscent of chiffon though has more body. The fabric was used as an overlay.

Majestic - Duchess Satin

From a rainbow of 40 color choices, Champagne was chosen for the beautiful bride. As well as using this fabric as an added overlay, Fiona also used it to create an exciting collection of wedding dress embellishments including a large bow on the back of the gown and a pretty sash around the waist.

Carnival - Coloured Tulle

Lovingly crafted in Italy, this tulle is soft-knitted to give it a sumptuous tactile quality. Fiona used it to create a divine, ultra-feminine petticoat.

Francesca - Ivory Lace

This Chantilly lace, which is available with matching lace trim, features a subtly-shaded floral bouquet and identical fringed and double-scalloped borders. Floaty and fabulous!

We asked Fiona how she would describe her experience with Wedding Dress Fabrics to others and she said: “I would highly recommend them to all dressmakers as their fabric range is beautiful and very easy to work with”. Thanks, Fiona!

Find out more about Fiona’s work by visiting her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FionaElizabeth Couture. Photos are reproduced with kind permission of Lucy Shergold at www.lucyshergold.photoshelter.com

Feeling inspired? Why not start your search for the perfect wedding dress fabrics right now?!

Get the Vintage Lace Style with Modern Lace Fabric

Another gorgeous bride has kindly shared the fascinating story behind her unique wedding gown, which was created using bridal lace fabric from our unrivalled collection. Stephanie Edwards née Teubler decided that a bespoke dress was what she wanted and deserved, after spending a large amount of time unsuccessfully browsing vintage stores.

Though she discovered many beautiful wedding gowns in her search, none of them felt exactly right - the color was too glaring, the skirt too full or the upper-body coverage lacking. Stephanie needed a miracle!

After a friend’s glowing recommendation, a talented and renowned designer named Ruby Catagena was hired to help Stephanie achieve her vision of a short-sleeved gown with a flowing, A-line skirt, no train or petticoat and a vintage lace style, using the brand new wedding dress material. Many samples of suitable bridal lace fabric were sent, with the bride-to-be eventually deciding on Jessica Ivory Lace.

Months of fittings followed as the dress gradually began to take shape. The lace was combined with Champagne silk, creating the dazzlingly-astounding gown you can see in Stephanie’s photos.

Jessica lace is both corded and beaded, with a triptych of different-sized floral sprays claiming the immediate center of attention. Foliage surrounds the corded flowers, highlighted with shimmering gold filigree thread and carefully-placed sequins. A matching bridal lace trim is also available and Jessica bridal lace fabric can be supplied in a rainbow palette of color options.

Asked to comment on her experience with us, Stephanie said that we had been “very helpful.. the ordering process was very easy and the website was clear and easy to navigate”. She also said that the samples and wedding dress material supplied to her were “by far the best” she had come across in her search. Aw shucks, just doing our job, Stephanie!

We love hearing from our customers and seeing the beautiful wedding fabrics we proudly sell made up into even more beautiful finished garments. Please share your story and photos today and you could soon feature in your very own news article! If you are a professional dressmaker, this is a great way of getting your name out there as our newsletter reaches thousands of people.

Guipure Lace – A Stunning Creation

Mom knows best! We were thrilled to receive an email recently from Grace Dodson, a mother who helped her daughter to create an absolutely divine wedding gown. Grace described the intense and rewarding process as ‘a labor of love’ and, in our opinion, the fruits of that labor are plain for all to see! Wedding Dress Fabrics love receiving emails and photos so please, keep them coming in to us.

Grace’s daughter, Meesha, had a clear vision of a gorgeous silk overlay that would highlight the exquisite beauty of her white silk dupion wedding dress but, after searching through a number of fabric stores and finding only ‘poor quality, cheap and tacky’ bridal lace, decided to search online. After discovering our website, Meesha found our collection of bridal lace fabric to be ‘unsurpassed’, quickly selecting her favorites and ordering free samples.

Grace and Meesha do not live close by one another and so communicated via the internet in the selection process. After much deliberation, Courtney guipure lace in a rich ivory color was chosen and ordered, arriving quickly and exceeding all expectations. In addition, Meesha also ordered 30 pairs of complementary lace appliqués which were to be individually hand-sewn on to the torso and bodice of her unique bridal dress.

The finished dress was, according to Meesha, “exactly as I imagined it would be.. it provided just the air of elegance and vintage lace glamour I had set my heart on”. Grace was equally happy and said that she “couldn't have been more pleased with the purchase.. the entire experience was a pleasure and I would recommend the company to anyone looking for beauty, quality and excellent customer service.”

We think you will agree that Meesha is the very picture of beauty in her unique, expertly-designed and hand-finished wedding gown made using our Courtney guipure lace. Would you like to share your gorgeous gown with the world? Simply send us your photos and emails and you could soon feature in your very own news story on our website and in our far-reaching and influential newsletter.

Check out Courtney bridal lace fabric here.

Mother of the Bride Chooses Luscious Lilac Lace

We absolutely love receiving photographs of Wedding Dress Fabrics customers wearing gorgeous garments created using our quality range of wedding dress material. It is not only the bride who can use these wonderful fabrics to create a splash - here we share with you a story of one of our customers who, as the mother of the bride, decided to use our fabrics to design and stitch an absolutely stunning dress.

Judy Hoke, who lives in Bethlehem, PA, has an eye for individuality and, after scouring the shops and the internet for the absolute perfect garment to wear to her daughter’s summer wedding, just couldn’t seem to find the ‘right’ dress. The fruitless and frustrating search ended when Judy realised that the only way she was going to get exactly what she envisioned was to make it herself!

After designing the dress, Judy’s search now switched to fabric suppliers. It quickly became clear to her that Wedding Dress Fabrics was the place to be when it comes to the widest selection and the highest quality and so she began creating a shortlist of her very favorite examples of bridal lace and embellished fabric.

After much agonised deliberation, Judy finally settled on Alexandra bridal lace which, as well as meeting all of her discerning requirements, also had the same name as her daughter. “I knew that it was meant to be!”, said Judy! Out of the rainbow palette of color options available in this design, Judy chose Lilac to create a truly stunning and dreamy dress.

Alexandra is a divine border lace that features an array of classic beads and sequins surrounding delicate floral motifs. The borders are riotously asymmetrical and contain beautiful diamantés to create an embellished fabric that goes beyond beautiful. With her stylish eye firmly on perfection, Judy cleverly used left over bits of the bridal lace fabric to add delightful finishing touches to both her shoes and handbag.

“Everyone commented on what a beautiful dress it was, and that the fabric was just gorgeous.  I’m so glad I found just the perfect lace fabric at bridalfabrics.com” said Judy in her lovely email to us. Thanks Judy!

We recently announced our exciting competition in which you have the chance to win a 10% refund on the total price of your order from Wedding Dress Fabrics, simply by sending us pictures of the wonderful garments you have created using our materials. Judy’s entry, the first we received, has joined the others and is awaiting judging by our expert panel. Send us yours today!

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