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Wedding Dress Fabrics Honor Marriage Week

Are you ready for Marriage Week 2015 from 7-14 February? Couples all over the world are excitedly preparing to get married or celebrate their existing marriage in one of the most romantic times of the year. How will YOU celebrate?

Marriage Week was established in 1996 and is a celebration designed to honor all the good things about tying the knot. From welcoming newly-married couples to learning from those who have been married successfully for years, Marriage Week is open to everyone who is interested.

Richard Kane and his wife Maria established Marriage Week in England while Richard was directing a charity known as Marriage Resource. This charity offered information and education to married couples and those seeking to marry while also mounting several successful media campaigns that highlighted the many benefits of happy marriages to individuals and their communities, as well as society in general.

Lots of events will mark Marriage Week, from mass wedding ceremonies to barbecues, picnics and activity days for married couples. It’s a popular time to take that second honeymoon you've always dreamed of too! If you’re getting married during that week or, even better, on Valentines Day, it is said your marriage will be blessed with good luck and prosperity.

We have been busy sending out lots of extra orders over the past month as Marriage Week and Valentine’s Day approach. Our wedding dress material, from bridal lace to crystal embellishments, will make sure that there are lots of happy brides and wives (and grooms and husbands!) during Marriage Week, as it does throughout the year.

Be quick and order now to take advantage of our limited-time exclusive offer - we have more than 30 gorgeous fabrics including Elegance Taffeta and Contessa Duchess Satin currently available with a price reduction.

Celebrate 2015 Marriage Week with style, class and elegance - Choose Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Dance until you Drop with Wedding Dress Fabrics!

Dancing is a part of almost all wedding celebrations in every culture around the world. Many brides want to wear their special gown long after the actual wedding ceremony, showing off its beauty to guests for as long as possible. If this sounds like you, then check out our top five tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress material, so you can dance the night away...

Back to Basics

Start by making sure that any bridal undergarments, such as crinolines, petticoats and slips, are made from quality fabric that will allow your skin to breathe.These are the foundation of your outfit and, as such, if they are not completely comfortable then you won’t be either. To make the gown easy to take on or off, undergarments should be installed directly into the dress, as advised by Panache Bridal of Beverly Hills’ Fashion Director Briannah Jayde.

Be Safe with Straps!

As featured in our recent Bride Guide 2015, straps are highly fashionable right now and have the added benefit of saving you from a wardrobe malfunction if your dancing is of the wild variety! A good all-round fit is essential and bustiers or elastic waistbands can help to make sure your dream gown has a dream fit - remember that weight is often lost or gained right near wedding time so have your last fitting as close to the big day as you can.

What’s Your Style?

The style of music and dancing you intend to have in your wedding can impact on your dress choice. Trumpet, mermaid and other tight-fitting styles can limit leg movements - meaning you will have to take smaller steps to compensate. On the other hand, while a full dress gives you room to move freely, you may not be able to get as comfortably close to your partner as you had hoped!

Fancy Footwear

Make sure your wedding shoes are broken in! Get used to wearing them at each fitting and consider how they will be affected by the lower portion of the wedding gown. If they are to be covered beneath the dress, it is worth considering going for footwear with a focus on extra comfort.

Make it Versatile!

Many creative designers are now producing exquisite wedding dresses that can be transformed for evening celebrations. Removable trains, skirts, headpieces and support materials are just some of the innovative solutions that can turn your dress from couture wedding chic to party girl in an instant.

We would love to see photographs of you dancing in your wedding gown! Share your unique, gorgeous look with Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Ivory or White Lace - Helping You Decide

White lace or Ivory lace - how do you choose between these favorite wedding dress colors? Let our expert bridal team guide you every step of the way.

Set the Tone

Skin tone can be a big consideration when choosing between white and ivory lace though the rules are far from set in stone and each individual bride will have her own opinion. In general, the wedding gown should be lighter in tone than the wearer’s skin, meaning that shades of white work particularly well with fair to bronze tones while ivory lace is suited to women with olive or dark brown complexions. Hair and eye color should also be considered: white dresses reflect beautifully in clear blue eyes while the subtler tones of ivory perfectly complement dark brown and hazel shades.

Coordination is Key

Whether choosing ivory or white wedding lace, it is important to consider the coordinating elements of the event. These seemingly-small details, such as the color of catering linen and of the wedding cake itself, are actually incredibly important and, as a rule, white linen and wedding cake icing should not be combined with an ivory-colored dress and vice versa.

Say it with Flowers

Good news for fans of white wedding dress material - you can choose pretty much any blooms you like and your stunning dress will be complemented though red roses look particularly vivid and striking against the neutral white backdrop. Flowers with more subtle pastel coloration work well with ivory wedding dresses but pure white flowers are best avoided.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Think about the lighting where your wedding is to take place. Fluorescent lighting can make a white dress look too bright while softer lighting such as candles can darken ivory tones. Order samples of your shortlisted wedding dress fabrics and take them along to the venue beforehand to see how they look under various lights - remember, any effect you see with your eyes will be enhanced by a camera lens.

Mix it Up

Many brides can be torn between ivory and white lace though, if you are a skilled designer and dressmaker like Chantelle Pike at ChantelleSophia Bridalwear of England, you can bring the two together into a unique, vibrant and stunning creation. Check out our wedding dress gallery to see this gorgeous gown! As always, the Wedding Dress Fabrics team are always on hand to offer expert advice at every stage.

White lace or Ivory lace - the choice is yours! We hope our guide helps.

Bridal Couture in 2015 - The Bride Guide part 2

If you are a bride-to-be who likes to stay up to date with the latest inside knowledge from the bridal couture scene, then our Bride Guide 2015 is your essential handbook! We recently published part one of the guide and here is part two - get the couture look with Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Sleeves & Straps

The most popular gowns in terms of sales immediately after bridal fashion shows were those with sleeves. Lots of different ideas jostled excitingly for position but the clear favourites were full sleeves that covered the wrist and long, flowing and floating sleeves that were truly ethereal. Straps were also a big feature on lots of wedding gowns, in a range of widths, shapes and decorative styles. Bridal lace and wedding lace applique were used to embellish, highlight and define the many sleeve and strap designs.

The Wedding Dress Fabrics collection of bridal lace trim is ideal to add the finishing touch to straps and sleeves. Matching your main wedding lace with one of these trims creates a harmonious vision that is simply breathtaking.

Feeling Full?

Big, full and flamboyant skirts dominated the runways, teamed with gorgeous A-lines to give an interesting visual twist. Many-layered skirts and feminine box pleats took pride of place though several dresses featured an explosion of rainbow tulle, dazzling and delighting the watching fashionistas.

Carnival colored tulle available from Wedding Dress Fabrics is the perfect material to recreate one of these bold and eye-catching full skirts. You can choose from a vibrant palette of colors or even go wild and recreate the rainbow effect that so excited VIPs at a recent bridal couture show.

Still Loving the Lace

Whether colored, white or ivory, lace is still the number one choice when it comes to wedding fabrics. This year, beaded lace looks set to be extremely visible thanks to the popularity of the vintage lace look. Delicate and feminine lace appliqués are also as popular as ever.

Bridal lace is the specialty of Wedding Dress Fabrics and our unmatched collection, which contains many fine examples of French Chantilly lace, is sure to hold the ideal fabric for your special day - all you have to do is hunt it down! To help you, we have provided several powerful search facilities and our expert team are available to further assist you in making what is an incredibly important and delicate decision.

That wraps up our Bride Guide for 2015 but make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter to keep up to date with the latest bridal couture news and exciting special offers from Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Bridal Couture in 2015 - The Bride Guide part 1

Our expert bridal team have been guests at many top bridal shows recently as we check out the upcoming trends for 2015. Get the inside information right here so you can become the most fashionable bride of the year! Here is part one of Wedding Dress Fabrics’ Top Six Trends for 2015 - The Bride Guide.

V for Vintage

Many of the designer wedding gowns we saw were inspired by a more glamorous, bygone era. Refined beaded lace and Art Deco wedding dress embellishments and wedding dress materials were out in full force, drawing on the immense popularity of hit British TV series Downton Abbey. Drop waists were a surprising yet welcome addition to the bridal couture runways while floating sleeves (of which more later) caught every envious eye.

To get that vintage look, why not try teaming Roberta lace with Leo crystal embroidery? The lace can be supplied in a full rainbow of color options and the soft pearls, dark ivory beads and silver sequins work perfectly with the old-time floral bouquet design. Leo crystal embroidery, one of our finest pieces, is hand-embroidered in India and complements Roberta beautifully.

Back it Up

Exciting, interesting and eye-catching back designs were a highlight of the runway, making sure that a designer’s creation was as much admired when the model was walking away from as well as towards us. Jaw-droppingly low, keyhole-shaped backs seemed to be extremely popular though the show was completely stolen by a gown with a jewel-encrusted back - the gems and crystals had been creatively attached to a profile-defining illusion mesh.

Our collection of bridal tulle and net is comprehensive and allows for the creation of a unique, exciting rear profile. Crystallised tulle from Wedding Dress Fabrics is perfect for recreating what we and many other fashionistas believe was the best wedding gown of the show - luxurious Swarovski crystals are used to achieve the regal, show-stealing look.

Cool Colors

White lace and ivory lace are in constant battle for the two top spots on the Most Popular Bridal Fabrics Color list. The third position is always hotly-contested and this year the winners have been tones from the warm end of the pastel color spectrum. Peach, Pink, Gold and Latte were all extremely popular choices though one dress successfully defied the convention and stood out in soft Powder mint.

Many of the wedding fabrics in our collection are available in all of these colors and more or can be dyed individually to order, allowing you to create the ideal look for you.

To make sure you don’t miss the next instalment of our Bride Guide for 2015, please subscribe to our regular, feature-packed newsletter.

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