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Appliqués and Crystal Trim - 15% Discount!

Crystal trim, lace appliqués and crystal embroidery are never out of fashion, with new designs and styles appearing all the time. Wedding Dress Fabrics bring you a massive and ever-growing collection at the very best price, meaning you don’t have to compromise on quality for your dream bridal gown. Now you can save even more with our new Exclusive Offers - get 15% off an eclectic range of wedding dress embellishments right here!

Alexandra Lace Appliqués

As a wedding lace, Alexandra is one of our most popular bridal products and, available across the full color spectrum, comes complete with a matching trim. We are now pleased and proud to be able to offer a complementary lace appliqué, which has been added to our collection of exclusive offers as an introductory discount. Available in Ivory or Black to suit your style, this bridal appliqué captures all of the swirling, gracious style of Alexandra lace and centres on gorgeous floral designs.

Aries Crystal Embroidery

Aries is the very first sign on the wheel of the Zodiac and, as such, demands to be noticed. This exquisite piece of crystal embroidery does just that, announcing itself as a pretty flower composed of clustering, hand-embroidered diamantés. Fine, feminine tulle has then been laid over the diamantés to give a unique visual effect that is made more powerful with filigree thread, tubular beads, luxurious pearls and iridescent sequins.

Supernova Crystal Trim

With all the fiery, explosive beauty of its namesake, Supernova crystal trim is simply breathtaking. Artfully placed diamantés, clear sequins and tubular beads of the richest Champagne coloration make this a highly-reflective trim, designed to be striking and bold yet to maintain its elegance and sophistication.

Check out the rest of our Exclusive Offers and save 15% on our already-low prices this month!

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New Wedding Fabrics - Wild is the Word!

The new products just keep on coming and there are now 25 exclusive wedding gown materials and embellishments to choose from at Wedding Dress Fabrics. Our expert bridal team are noticing a distinct trend emerging for the dramatic and many of the fabrics in the dedicated ‘New Products’ section on our massive website are bold, striking, blingy and fabulous. Jump headfirst into this exciting collection and start getting creative!

Our new wedding dress materials include:

Crystal Embroidery - Portal Dark

This wedding dress embellishment is all about luxury, mystery and high-drama. A lustrous brown/grey color, the large and delightful piece is made up of two flowers which rest in a loving embrace surrounded by a swirl of lush foliage; the whole thing is made using sequins, beads and hard yet flexible wire which gives a 3D effect. Sparkling diamantés, expertly placed at the centre of each flower and at other prime spots, complete Portal Dark.

Black Lace - Amy

Any of the wedding dress material in our collection could well have been called Amy, a pretty name that comes from Amare, the Latin verb meaning ‘to love’. The lace chosen to bear this gorgeous name is a French Chantilly lace and is composed of lots of small flower motifs set closely together on a tulle with a soft, open weave; these flowers are further embellished and given texture with expert cording. Black lace continues to grow in popularity and Amy black lace, which can also be supplied in more than 25 other colors, is now also available by huge popular demand in this exciting, dramatic and evocative tone.

Crystal Dress Trim - New York

Set to be as popular as the city it takes its name from, New York crystal dress trim is available as standard pieces of 14yds and 7yds or can be cut to your chosen length. Though this is a very narrow embellishment, it manages to cram in a huge and varied selection of sequins, diamantés and beads to create its massive wow factor. As is further glam were needed, our designer has also chosen to add pearls, enhancing the ivory color of this distinctive crystal trim.

Check out all of our new products and don’t forget to send pics of your finished creations for our online gallery! If you also email us the story behind a wedding gown or other garment or accessory created using material from Wedding Dress Fabrics, you could feature in your very own news story on our website. For our trade customers, this means valuable advertising opportunities as you will get all the credits and a link to your bridal website added to the story, which will then be published on our busy website and sent out to our many interested newsletter subscribers.

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Wedding Dress Fabrics - Part Two of our Guide!

As promised, here is the second instalment of our valuable Bride Guide for Fall/Winter, sharing our inside knowledge of what’s going to be hot up the runway and down the aisle this year.

Sheer Delight

With seats right next to the fashion runways, our bridal team have been mesmerized and dazzled by sheer fabrics which, endlessly catching and playing with the light, create stunning optical illusions. Netting has been used lots around the bodice of bridal gowns, giving the look of skin, while overlays have also been popular for showing a daring glimpse of leg. Wedding Dress Fabrics offer a wide range of tulles and nets in a full palette of colors; there is also the popular Glitterati design if you want to bring a bit of bling!

Prepare for Pearls!

Popping up everywhere from the wedding gown itself to bridal accessories such as tiaras, gloves and hair combs, pearls are set to be a big hit throughout this season and beyond. A quick search for ‘Pearls’ in our powerful search facility gives access to more than 170 products, each of which features the gorgeous stone either subtly or with attention-commanding boldness! Check out our crystal couture embroidery, exquisite tiaras and pearl dress trims.

Shape your Silhouette

Corsets have always been a staple of wedding dress design and are seen constantly on bridal catwalks, with only their details altering to reflect changing tastes. This season, the trend is towards heavy beading embellishments to the corset, creating a dramatic and luxurious look. Wedding Dress Fabrics stock a massive range of materials perfectly suited to creating this look; try starting with Daisy, Elaine, Ella, Angelica, Halle, Keeley, Marina or Ava before browsing deeper to find your perfect product.

Let’s Hit the Beach!

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the warmer US States, then a beach wedding might not be such a bad idea for winter! For those of you inland or where it is colder, you can still have all the glam of the beach but without the cold. Lightweight laces that are at once carefree and elegant, such as Ursula, Faye, Carmel, Freya and Willow are perfect for creating a beach feel, no matter where in the world you are. Make sure you add some quality underlay to keep you warm!

So that completes your insider-guide to upcoming bridal couture - the next step is yours! Call us today on 646 801 6933 or email info@bridalfabrics.com for advice, information and inspiration on how our stunning range of bridal dress fabric can be used to create the dress of your dreams.

The Wedding Dress Bride Guide for Spring 2015

If you’re planning on a Spring wedding then you’re going to need our essential checklist to make sure your gown is the most fashionable and beautiful of all. With our fingers firmly on the beating pulse of bridal couture and with the best seats at the runways, here we bring you part one of our Bride Guide for Spring 2015!

Cool Colors

The bride can still blush but not the gown! The bridal couture runways for Spring 2015 were a calming yet exhilarating swirl of cool and subtle colors such as pale blue, light purple and soft grey, with several models turning heads in pistachio green creations.

Get your lace and satin fabric in the perfect trendy Spring color from Wedding Dress Fabrics. We offer a full palette of colors to choose from and the quality of these wedding dress materials is unmatched, meaning you can get the couture dress of your dreams at a seriously competitive price.

30s Glitz and Glam

Formal wedding gowns are being given a glamorous twist with the use of sparkly, glittering fabrics. Ultra-feminine sheaths, draping details and pretty loose sleeves were high on bridal designers’ lists, creating bridal gowns that are quietly elegant yet still the undeniable center of attention.

Start with Sparkle Tulle, a lightweight fabric with diamond-shaped holes and a glittering effect that is available in white or ivory. Then ramp up the luxury with Carla ivory lace, which features a powerfully-striking floral design embellished with diamantés, beads, sequins, pearls and Champagne-colored filigree thread. Need more sparkle? Lose yourself in our heavenly collection of crystal embellishments and find the perfect vintage charm to add to your bridal gown for Spring 2013 - start with Anya, Barbara, Charleston, Stars, Ruby, Christina or Moondust to begin your own glam discovery.

High or Low?

Whichever way your neckline is heading, make sure it is prepared to go the distance! Necklines for Spring 2015 are either up high or down low but both share a fascination for crystal decoration, enhancing the shape of the dress and catching light playfully.

Crystal trims are a great way to enhance the neckline of a wedding dress though can also be used at the waist or bust. Wedding Dress Fabrics stock the ultimate collection, which includes the luxurious Andromeda crystal dress trim; Andromeda, comprising a mixture of silver tubular beads and pearls with opaque sequins and diamantés, is a mesmerising fabric and has the perfect combination of outright glamour and understated elegance.

Part two of our Spring 2015 Bride Guide is coming soon - you can subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss out on this or any other essential news, information, product updates and special offers from Wedding Dress Fabrics.

Need information or advice? Call the team on 646 801 6933 or email info@bridalfabrics.com.

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