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Wedding Dress Fabric with Feathers

If you want to look celebrity-hot this season then the news is in! Lace, always popular from the bridal aisle to the haute-couture runway, is appearing from the Tony Awards to the exotic Cannes Film Festival decorated with feather detail, giving a gloriously ethereal edge to Fall/Winter fashion. Hit the right note and choose from our collection of feathered lace now - two of our favourites are detailed below but check out the whole range and let yourself be spoilt for choice!

Lace with feathers gives designers an opportunity to indulge their wilder fantasies, creating garments fit for rogue princesses, though not all of them choose to go too wild, instead keeping it subtle and classy. Miley Cyrus, in a full-on feathered outfit featuring tons of lace, chose the wilder route while Vanessa Hudgens, recently seen carrying the cutest of handbags with just a touch of feather lace detail, went for the more understated look.

Nikita Wedding Dress Fabric with Feathers

Pure class, Nikita is exclusively available in Ivory or White and is designed to get heads turning. Floral motifs spread across the lace, highlighted with transparent and ivory beads, glitzy sequins and glittering filigree thread - the whole is enclosed in a border that, with soft waves, is delicately stitched and even further decorated with beads.

Then come the feathers! This is where Nikita really starts to draw attention - carefully-selected feathers are individually attached to the floral motifs with the use of beads and pearls, instantly creating a look that is going to make your dress the talking point of everyone in your wedding.

Chantelle Wedding Lace with Feathers

Elaborate and extravagant while somehow, at the same time, understated and elegant, Chantelle wedding fabric is one for the wild yet angelic brides out there! Embellishments, including beads, pearls and the fashionable feathers, gleam and glitter right across the fabric in a wing-shaped design and are so numerous that they make it swish and sway in a very majestic manner.

Not luxurious enough for you? Check out the dramatic way that fine Champagne thread is woven deeply through the wedding dress material, accenting the soft, downy white feathers.

Want to discuss with an expert about how to get the perfect seasonal style that has got everyone in a feathered frenzy? Call 646 801 6933 or email info@bridalfabrics.com to talk to one of our experienced bridal team members.

Wedding Dress Material - Our Best Sellers

Our website has been designed with a powerful cross-referencing search facility so that you can easily and effectively browse our plethora of wedding dress fabrics, groom fabrics and bridal accessories. To make things even easier, we have also created three dedicated sections to offer quick access to our newest, our promotional and our most popular products. Please enjoy checking out the ‘New Products’, ‘Special Offers’ and ‘Best Sellers’ sections of the Wedding Dress Fabrics website, each of which is directly accessible with a single click from our home page.

Here we look in more detail at some of our personal favourites currently featuring in the ‘Best Sellers’ collection. Chosen time and time again for their perfect combination of style, quality and affordability, these products are guaranteed to provided 100% satisfaction.

Alexandra Ivory Lace

A border lace featuring extensive cording and beading on the finest of tulle grounds, this wedding fabric is composed of a riotous yet joyous design of sequinned and beaded floral motifs. Dramatically-asymmetrical borders make this wedding lace a real eye-catcher, which is further enhanced with the expert placement of luxurious diamantés.

One of the reasons for the enduring popularity of Alexandra is its versatility - the lace can be supplied in a myriad rainbow of color choices and matching lace appliqués and trim are available to perfectly complement the=is exquisite wedding dress fabric. To see a photograph of a truly stunning garment created using both black and ivory Alexandra lace, please visit our online gallery.

Polaris Crystal Dress Trim

This striking wedding dress embellishment is named after the brightest star in the night sky of the Northern hemisphere and truly lives up to its name. The color silver is a major theme of Polaris crystal dress trim; the edging thread, sequins and opaque beads are all of the evocative hue. Teardrop-shaped pearls and diamantés complete the design, which can also be used to embellish wedding accessories such as handbags as well as on the bridal gown itself.

Supreme Luxury Duchess Satin

This regal, rich and tactile material has a beautifully-soft and delicately-smooth handle that makes it practically indistinguishable from silk. Its heavy and luxurious drape is warp-faced, meaning that it has an irresistibly-attractive glossy quality and is perfect for creating full, dramatic skirts, dresses and wedding gowns. Supreme Duchess Satin is flattering to every body shape thanks to its unmatched quality and a choice of nine colours are available from classic White, Pearl and Ivory to contemporary Porcelain, Oyster and Cappuccino.

Please enjoy browsing the rest of the products in our ‘Best Sellers’ section. To make sure you never miss out on updates from our ever-changing ‘New In’, ‘Best Sellers’ and ‘Special Offers’ sections, please subscribe to our regular, feature-filled newsletter.

Need more information or advice? Contact our skilled customer service team on 646 801 6933 or email info@bridalfabrics.com.

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