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Black Lace at the VMA Awards

When we think of lace, we almost always picture it as part of a wedding gown. We also imagine tones of white and ivory. The truth is that lace is extremely versatile and can be used to create a wide range of garments from prom dresses to theatrical costumes. It is also fantastic for creating corsets, as was shown recently at the MTV VMA Awards.

The red carpet was this year exchanged for a blue one and played host to all of the big names, who arrived in their very best clothes to take advantage of the cameras. As always, there were some truly breathtaking garments on display, as well as some that didn’t quite hit the mark.

One star who seems to always get it right when it comes to fashion is Arielle Vandenberg and this time was no exception. She wore a leopard print trouser suit that showed off her wonderful figure and somehow managed to make it all the way down the blue carpet without the slightest wobble, despite wearing extra-tall platform heels. But it was the garment underneath the suit that caught all the attention.

Arielle wore a daring black lace corset beneath her suit and the tantalising glimpses that could be seen got everyone talking. Black lace is gaining in popularity thanks to its many qualities and we here at Bridal Fabrics have made sure that you have plenty to choose from if you want to get that celebrity look. Here are some of our favorites…

Chantilly Lace: Brandy

This is our hugely popular Kate lace rendered in jet black. To make the fabric even more exciting, the designer has added a choice selection of beads which have been applied by hand. The edges contrast with one another; one side is completely straight while the opposite edge features gentle scallops.

Corded Lace: Amelia

This is an elegant choice and features a gorgeous motif of a triptych of flowers. Stylish and refined cording outlines these blooms, giving the fabric an extra-special touch of sophis­tica­tion.

Pearl Lace: Marissa

A net of squares is the base for Marissa but these geometric shapes are infinitely changeable due to the lightweight nature of the fabric as it drapes. Pearls have been added at intervals to create a design that is uniquely hypnotic.

There are more than 20 black lace designs to choose from in our collection so check out the full range and get the VMA look!

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