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Beach Weddings: Top Tips on an Ideal Wedding Gown

Getting hitched on the beach has never been more popular and, with summer just a few short months away, many brides have already started planning their gowns. There are lots of practical consi­dera­tions to be made so if you're looking forward to a beach wedding then our handy tips on creating the perfect gown will prove invaluable...

  • Go for a shorter style. Though a long, flowing train is the dream of many brides, it just doesn't work in a beach setting. It doesn't matter if the beach is sand or stone: the train of a wedding gown is going to be a problem dragging over it, getting dirty and even damaged by the terrain. Shorter styles are therefore ideal and a varied length skirt can add the excitement missing on a dress without a train
  • Choose fabric carefully. If you;re on a beach then chances are the weather is going to be hot and sunny so make sure the fabric you choose is light, floaty and allows your skin to breathe
  • Think casual. The full skirt and bodice of a formal, structured wedding gown isn't right for a beach wedding, which should be more casual and relaxed than a traditional indoor venue. Instead you'll want a flowing gown that contours with the lines of the body, producing a soft smooth silhouette. Complement this with a curling, loose hairstyle
  • Consider traveling. However you're getting to your dream destination, you need to make sure the dress is protected. 
  • Forget high heels. Though many brides love the look that high heels brings to their wedding outfit, these shoes are not suitable for beachwear. The look of a gown is affected by the shoes so make sure the style you go for looks good with flat shoes or bare feet
  • Choose straps. With a strapless gown, there is usually the need for lots of extra supporting fabric and this will make you feel hot and uncom­for­table. Straps look super-sexy and are bang on-trend; a gown with shoulder straps also allows you to be a bit more daring and go for a low-cut back style

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