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Ancient Fabric Meets Modern Design

Sometimes it seems that fashion is on a loop. Those flares you so carelessly threw away are now selling for a fortune in vintage shops, top designers are sending models down the runway wearing jeans as if they were just invented and you would think that Doctor Marten had only just got out of boot camp. So, what’s the deal?

Well, lace is lace as sure as eggs is eggs: what there seems to be an infinite supply of though is a flair (flare?) for unique design. One lace can be so different from another that it is barely possible to tell they are from the same basic idea, conceived many years in the past and continually renewed. Each time a new clothing design is created, be it lace, leather or a daring combination of both, the designer is drawing on that deep well of experience and talent, adding their own flavour to the mix and producing a constantly, sometimes subtly-changing flow of new, yet old, fabrics for our delectation.

Bridal Fabrics have in stock three very fine, exclusive new lace designs that perfectly illustrate this principle. Each has its own character and style, offering a range of distinctly novel choices yet with a history that goes beyond memory, reflected in the skill of manufacture and attractive, traditional ivory coloration. Choose your favorite from:

Ivory Embroidered Lace: Brianna

Eye-catching and sensual, this design speaks of luxury and has been embellished by the skilful handiwork of an individual artisan. Each stitch is nothing less than perfect.

Ivory Sequinned lace: Pleasance

Not everyone likes floral designs and Pleasance is one of the most beautiful alternatives we have seen for a long time. Its Art-Deco style is handsome, graceful and engaging, with subtle sequins adding that magical touch.

Ivory Beaded Lace: Lourdes

Elegant beadwork, again carried out by hand, is the signature of Lourdes lace and the chosen variety works perfectly to create a pretty flowers-and-foliage effect. An angelic and feminine aesthetic means that this is sure to be a best-selling design among creative brides and dressmakers.

Let us know which lace is your favorite: you can see each individual design!

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