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A Wedding Gown with Bling & Elegance

Nathalie Hesnard is a talented and creative designer who regularly uses our wedding dress material to create gowns for her stunning Princesse Opal brand. She recently sent us these stunning photographs and we are excited to share them with you here.

Since being a very young age, Nathalie has been interested in clothes, crafting and fashion. She studied extensively at the renowned ESMOD in Paris, France before launching her Princesse Opal brand of bespoke bridalwear. Nathalie’s trademark is to combine ‘Parisian styles with California chic’, delivering unique wedding gowns that are hugely influential.

The dress pictured here fulfilled the delighted bride’s vision of a dress that had ‘bling with elegance’ and that was ‘showy yet sophis­ticated’. Nathalie’s design process involves closely examining every detail of the bride’s outfit and chose bridal lace fabric accordingly - one of the laces she used even matched the bride’s engagement ring, with its ‘antique and romantic’ finish.

Nathalie used two of our laces in the creation of this show-stopping wedding dress. These were:

Roberta Ivory Lace

This is an evocative and opulent fabric designed to mimic the glamorous sophis­tica­tion of vintage lace. Starting with a soft, delicate tulle, our designer has used thick embroidery thread to form a complex web of floral motifs, which center on a bold and striking single bloom. Silver sequins and luxurious pearls add the sparkle and bling while beads of the darkest ivory color keep it classy.

Chloe Beaded Lace

This is a particularly popular choice and can be supplied in a full rainbow of color choices. Attractive, exciting and alluring, this embellished fabric is liberally strewn with sequins and beads that highlight and enhance the special beauty of the complementary floral bouquets. Scalloped edges and an ephemeral fringe combine with the finest of filigree thread in a striking silver tone to deliver a wedding lace of sumptuous decadence.

In her email, Nathalie tells us her reasons for regularly choosing us to provide her with material for her unique creations. She says: “The service is amazing, as well as the shipping. The choice is incredible and the prices are great”. All part of the service, Nathalie!

Check out more of Nathalie’s work using our bridal lace fabric at www.­princes­seopal.­com and let her inspire you!

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