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A Massive Discount on our FULL RANGE!

If you are the type of person who takes forever to make a decision then here is a little help for you! We are offering 20% discount on your order from Bridal Fabrics but the offer is running out and you only have until 19th September to take advantage of it. So why not check out our fabrics and make that decision today?!

With such a massive array of lace on offer, you could be forgiven for never really being able to make a choice! Simply browsing through our collection is so much fun that you could easily spend many hours without even coming close to a decision. This might be enjoyable but isn’t helping to get your gown made! So a little push is often a good thing and the end of our special discount feature represents that push and should help you to move to the next stage.

Here are two of our favorites:

White Beaded and Corded Lace - AngelicaBeaded and Corded: Angelica

All brides want that ethereal, heavenly look and Angelica delivers it with a wide range of fabulous textures. The embel­lis­hments are just exquisite; beads, sequins and pearls all work together harmoniously to create an unfor­get­table, inimitable design.

Embroidered: Victory

If you want to be a wedding winner, then you can easily achieve it with this design! Victory is a beautifully-embroidered lace and is rendered in the most enticing Champagne coloration. Non-floral designs are becoming increasingly popular on the haute couture scene and this fits perfectly into that category, instead using a large lattice and abstract cording to full effect, giving you all the beauty with none of the blooms.

Spend $100 to receive your 20% discount using code SEPT20 at the checkout; this offer is only valid from 9/13 to 9/19 so order soon!

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