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A Guide for Mother-of-the-Bride

A wedding is a special day for any woman and we’re not just talking the bride here.  Who doesn’t love dressing up in their finest? 

When you’re the mother of the bride (or groom) as well as being immensely proud you know you’re in the photographer’­s frame too and an elegant ensemble that complements your daughter’s wedding dress and makes mom look WOW is a must. 

Here we look at a few mother of the bride trends for 2019 and give some helpful advice on some do’s and don’ts in the build up to the big day.

Sea Green Polyester satin -Contessa

Claret Polyester satin -Princess

Blue Smoke Silk Crepe Backed Satin - Splendour

Honey Silk Crepe Backed Satin - Splendour

Color is key and block colors seem to work well to help mum stand out in the crowd. 

Think of The Duchess of York and her green dream outfit at Princess Eugenie's wedding – credit where credit is due, she looked stunning on her daughter’s big day.  For the same green look try Duchess Satin Contessa in Sea green

There’s usually a color theme to a wedding but there’s no need to adhere to this – mum is not a bridesmaid and a different palette can really give you status.

In terms of a winter wedding, gorgeous jewel tones are a trend for 2019 such as sapphire, emerald, ruby and amethyst.

Look at Satin backed crepe Princess or a stunning silk Dupion called Masquerade for some sumptuous color choices.

The summer sun commands delicate pastels such as pinks, blues and lovely lavender is a hot colour for 2019.  Silk crepe backed sating Splendour sports a range of soft colors or if you prefer a light fabric with a matt finish try a gorgeous Georgette called Silhouette.  Not forgetting silver and gold tones too — these colors continue to be revered. 

Sticking to a loved and trusted color palette is not a bad thing — the color can be an old favourite and the dress can be a cutting edge classic.

Teal Guipure Lace - Reese (Full Width)

Victoria White Lace Dress1

Lace continues to dominate as a luxury fabric popular with mothers of brides and grooms the world over. 

Small floral repeat patterns on a coloured tulle such as Shannon or Janis and some gorgeous Guipure laces in bold colors such as Royal, Teal and Magenta are hot picks – choose Reese for these. 

The use of lace trims, especially in metallic colours is also on the rise.

The use of lace trims, especially in metallic colours is also on the rise.  Lace selection is a sensory experience so take the time to handle samples and check the color match to skin, shoes and head wear.

Style wise a current trend is for a wide neck line, possible off the shoulder or if this feels too daring a Bardot or bateau (think Meghan, Duchess of Sussex's wedding dress neckline).

This is a chic and elegant choice and looks good under a custom jacket or dress coat.

Crystal Embroidery - Athena

Crystal Motif - Viola

Another trend for 2019 is a bejewelled neckline.

Embel­lis­hments such as a jewelled collar or embellished lace detail on the top part of the dress adds a special occasion sparkle to the proceedings.

The use of crystal motifs on the shoulders or back line (a key trend in bridal also), allows for a night time reveal and some sparkle as the outfit loses the jacket and the dancing starts. 

In terms of length, hemlines are set to rise.

We’re not quite at mini skirt length but the traditional below the knee standard is creeping up to on or just above the knee for those ladies with knockout pins.

Ivory Silk Brocade - Paisley

In terms of jackets to coordinate with the dress there are numerous options from a short bolero to a full dress coat. 

Be it embroidery, velvet or brocade, a tailored jacket is on trend and looks smart and classy, adding an air of sophis­tica­tion to the day time proceedings.

In winter a jacquard jacket or dress coat is a top choice and in summer embrace the sheer sleeve trend and consider a colored organza sleeve to match the dress color. 

This can be trimmed with satin cuffs and collar to fulfil the tailored look that is so en vogue.

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