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A Gorgeous Gown — Prepare To Be AMAZED...

We were really excited recently to receive an email featuring photos of THIS dreamy wedding gown - feast your eyes and let yourself be amazed for a moment by its beauty. Ok, have you got your breath back? Then read on to find out more about who created this fairytale dress!

Just one look at the gown lets you know right away that it is the work of an extremely-talented couture designer. It was designed and made by Simon Henry Couture, who selected products from the Bridal Fabrics collection to fulfil the vision of his client - and he most certainly achieved that goal! We went to discover a little more about Simon and what we discovered was a designer so talented in such a diverse range of disciplines that we could hardly believe our eyes..

Simon can rightly be called an expert when it comes to textiles, as can be seen just from this one dress. He boasts an international list of clients which contains the names of several very well-known celebrities (like a true professional, he refuses to name-drop) and has also published three books on the topic of dressmaking - these books have enjoyed worldwide success. His gowns have been seen on couture runways and at prestigious red-carpet awards ceremonies and he is also a champion quiltmaker.

Not content with just working inde­pen­dently, Simon is also employed by other couture houses for his unique work in tambour beading, goldwork and digital machining. As well as sewing, he can knit and crochet to a professional level, producing patterns which appear in publications from L.A. to London, England. In his spare time (which we don’t know how he finds), Simon is a successful makeup artist, beauty therapist and hair stylist!

In creating the dress pictured here, Simon used:

Chantilly Lace - Adelaide

A deliciously-feminine lace with matching fringed and scalloped edges, Adelaide features a floral motif that extends into the body of the lace to produce a mesmerising effect. This is enhanced with the addition of several other, smaller floral motifs that are simply gorgeous and deliver that true couture look that every bride wants and deserves.

Duchess Satin

This is a no-snag fabric and, according to Simon, ‘sews like a dream’ -  a massive and important commendation from somebody who is so widely experienced and has worked with every fabric there is to work with. The deep, rich ivory coloration is elegant and refined, making the bride look even more alluring.

If you want to find out even more about Simon’s work, please visit his website at simonhenry.­com.

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